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Ad campaigns for orders, clients and sales

Modern business can't do without marketing tools to attract customers. And marketing, as you know, costs money. RemOnline should be able to analyze activities that bring you profit so that you don't throw your budgets away. That's why we've redesigned "How the client discovered the company" directory and now you can better track the sources of clients, orders, and sales.

Also in this update, we have expanded the requirement settings for changing order status and added new variables. Let's take a closer look and start with ad campaigns.

Ad campaigns in RemOnline

We have reimagined the "How the client discovered the company" directory on the "Settings > Marketing" page, and according to the new purpose now it is called "Ad campaigns".

Ad campaigns in RemOnline

Here you can create a list of all the campaigns that you run to achieve a particular goal. For example, it can be a "Refer a Friend" promotion to expand your customer base, a discount on the next order to increase the number of orders, or a discount on related products to stimulate sales.

The main differences between the new directory and the previous one:

  • now you have the "Ad Campaign" field in orders and sales, and not just in clients;
  • adv campaigns can be valid for all or certain locations;
  • in the ad campaigns report, you can track how many clients, orders, and sales each campaign brings to you;
  • ad campaigns can be permanent or temporary.

Ad campaigns in the list can be active, planned, or passed (you can show or hide it in the list).

Creating an ad campaign

To create a new ad campaign, click the "+ Campaign" button. In the campaign creation window, enter its name choose all or certain locations, and specify the period or mark it as permanent.

Creating an ad campaign

All created campaigns will be displayed in the list. If you enable the "Show passed" checkbox, they will be crossed out on the list.

Ad campaigns for orders, sales, and clients

If you want to track sources of orders, go to the "Settings > Forms Editor" page and add the "Ad Campaign" field to the required order types. On the sale dialogue window, it's present by default, and in the client's dialog window it remains under the old name "How the client found us". In this field, you can select an active ad campaign.

Ad campaigns for orders, sales, and clients

Campaigns are considered active if they are permanent or if the current date falls between the specified start and end of the campaign.

Also on the pages "Orders" and "Sales" there is the "Ad campaign" column.

Ad campaigns in reports

The "Orders" report group no longer has the "How clients discover us" report, but instead the "Ad campaigns" report appeared in the Other group. It shows the following data for each campaign:

  • the number of new clients who came to you;
  • a number of orders, their amount, average check, and profit;
  • a number of sales, their amount, average check, and profit.

Ad campaigns in reports

This is only the first stage in the development of marketing accounting at RemOnline. Further – it is more.

Expansion of requirements for the order status changing

Previously, in the status settings, you could enable the checkbox "Require comment when transferring to this status". Now, in addition to the comment, you can make it mandatory to create a payment so that your employees do not forget to record the arrival of money to the cashbox in RemOnline.

Expansion of requirements for the order status changing

The statuses of the "Won" group do not have this requirement, since it works for them by default.

We remind you that you can edit statuses on the "Settings > Order Statuses" page.

A spelled out amount in printed documents

It is often necessary to indicate the amount of VAT in words in the documents for counterparties. Therefore, we have added the corresponding variable to RemOnline. To add it to a document template, go on the "Settings > Print templates" page, open the "Tables" variable group and click on {Vat Value Spelled Out}.

Also in the document templates for orders, now you have a {Total Amount Spelled Out} variable.

We are not only constantly moving forward, but also regularly working on mistakes. Therefore, with this update, a number of bugs and inconveniences in the work of RemOnline have been fixed. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments, because this is what makes us stronger.

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