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Payments and Cashboxes in the RemOnline App for Android

Have some good news for you! The Payments tab is already available in the RemOnline App on Android, so you can now:

  • view all available cashboxes with their balances on this tab
  • view payment history by each cashbox
  • create new income, expense, or money transfer

Let's take a closer look at new features of the app for work order processing.

Payments tab

Open the payments tab to see all available cashboxes of the selected location. Here you can immediately view the current cashbox balances. Also, you can tap on the cashbox to see its payment history, all incomes, expenses, and transfer for the selected period: day, week, month, or any custom range.
android-cashboxes-payments-en-1.png (107 KB)
Tap on payment to view its info. If you want to delete a payment, tap on the button in the upper right corner and choose the action.
android-delete-payment-en.png (81 KB)
In the same way, you can restore deleted payment if it was deleted by mistake. Just open the deleted payment, tap on the restore button and confirm action.
android-restore-payment-en-1.png (107 KB)
To change the order of cashboxes, on the Payments tab, tap on the button in the upper right corner and then just by dragging and dropping them.
android-cashboxes-drug-n-drop-en.png (70 KB)

Creating new payment

To create a new payment, tap on the + button or hold the needed cashbox, and choose income, expense, or transfer.
android-new-payment-en-1.png (84 KB)
You have to specify the amount, cash flow item, and comment if it's income or expense. Also you can specify the client or change payment date if it’s needed. 

If you choose a transfer, you must specify the amount and cashbox to which you want to transfer money.
android-income-expense-transfer-en.png (44 KB)

That's all, guys. This update is a big step to your ability to close work orders via RemOnline App. And that's exactly what we will deliver to you on the next update! But for now, update your app to get the new features. If you haven't installed it, here you will find the link to Google Play.

Also, don't forget that it's not the only app for RemOnline users. We also have RemOnline Boss, the app with:

  • key company metrics on work orders, sales, incomes, and profit
  • list of the company's cashboxes
  • clients feedback
  • employee's info 

So if you want to keep a close eye on your company's performance on the go, install the RemOnline Boss application. Here you will find more details about its features and the download link.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments or contact the support team via chat.

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