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Filters and Customer Reviews in the RemOnline Boss App on iOS, Creating Invoices from Orders, and Other Interface Improvements

Dear friends, today we are introducing a fresh update that focuses not only on new features but also on enhancements to the RemOnline interface.

As you may have already understood from the title, filters and customer reviews have been added to the executive’s iOS app. And as for the interface enhancements, you can now:

  • create invoices from orders;
  • conveniently search for services and works in the order;
  • change the width of sub-table columns;
  • quickly identify which asset belongs to the client and which to the company.

And now more about each update.

Filters and Customer Reviews in the RemOnline Boss App for iOS

Now you can monitor not only the key metrics but also the level of customer satisfaction through the app. The RemOnline Boss on iOS has a new "Reviews" tab where you can analyze all the reviews from your customers.
Filters and Customer Reviews in the RemOnline Boss App for iOS

Here you can check reviews for any period as well as filter them by location and score. And if you have questions about any review, click on the order number to open it in the web version of RemOnline. Long press the review card to contact the customer or the order manager.
review card to contact the customer or the order manager.

You can also use filters on the Report and Cashbox tabs. The report can be filtered by locations and order types. In Cashboxes, you simply control which cashboxes you want to show and which to hide.
control which cashboxes you want to show and which to hide

So now it’s a good time to update your app. And if you haven't installed it yet, hurry up! You'll find the download link on the app page.

For Android users, filters and customer reviews will be also available in the app soon.

Creating Invoices from Orders

Have customers ever asked you for an invoice when placing an order? Well, to do that, you no longer need to go to "Finance > Invoices" or use the group action on the "Orders" page. Now you can simply open the "Payments" tab in any order and click the "+ Invoice" button.
Creating Invoices from Orders

With this small improvement, you can now work with invoices more conveniently and speed up your customer service.

Improved Search of Services and Works in Orders

Any company can have the widest range of services and works, where the word "Diagnostics", for example, can be found in 50 of them. Before this update, when there was only this word in the service title without additional description, it wasn't displayed at the top of the list.

Now, names that fully match a search query are always at the top of the list, so you can instantly see exactly the work or service you need.

Changing Column Widths in Sub-Tables of Reports

In all reports except the Payroll Report, you can now adjust the width and reposition of columns in sub-tables for a more comfortable experience. Simply drag the edge of the table header to change the size, or drag the entire column to another place.

Identifying Company's Assets

Some companies may have hundreds or thousands of assets in stock. Some of them belong to customers, and the rest are the company’s property. So that you can quickly find out who owns what, your company's assets are now tagged with a special icon.
Identifying Company's Assets

This way you can easily distinguish customers’ assets from your own ones in the inventory and the order table.

In addition to the new features and improvements, this update also contains several bug fixes and enhancements to the user experience. Share your thoughts about the new functionality in the comments below. This will help us make RemOnline better with each update.

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