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Posting drafts, serial number template and improved posting dialogue

No virus can stop us to make RemOnline better, so meet dedicated to Inventory update which includes:

  • improved posting dialogue and ability to save posting drafts;
  • new employees permissions for posting;
  • setting serial number template;
  • improved Inventory search.

To find out all the details just continue reading ?

New posting dialogue

Now the RemOnline posting dialogue is easier, more convenient and understandable. Also, it has new features about which we’ll tell you right now.

New posting dialogue

Enter the number of products or generate the serial numbers, choose the cell, set supplier warranty and prices in the new comfortable pop-up when you posting an existing product.

Enter the number of products or generate the serial numbers

If you paste to the input line name or barcode, code or SKU of unknown product, RemOnline’ll propose you to "+ Create product".

Create product

Click the button to open the New product dialogue. Now you can immediately add an image, all the necessary identifiers, specify the minimum and maximum stock balance, instead of search for products and doing this after posting.

open the New product dialogue

If you did everything correctly, the product will be added to the capitalization table and you will hear a sound indicator, as when adding a product to the inventory table.

Posting drafts

If you have a large posting document or you need to get distracted for some reason, now you can pause posting by pressing the "Save as draft" button.

Posting drafts

When you click on the save button, the dialog remains open, and a document without a number with the name "Draft" appears in the Posting table. The draft is available only to its creator.

The draft is available only to its creator

You can save the intermediate result for insurance or return to the document at any time to complete the posting.

New permissions for employees

With the expansion of opportunities for posting products, new permissions for employees have appeared. So in the "Posting" permission, three more nested ones appeared:

  • can view the posting (employees without this permission will not see the "Posting" tab);
  • can create the posting;
  • can remove the posting.

New permissions for employees

By default, all nested permissions are enabled for employees with enabled "Posting" permission.

A new permission "Can create new product" has also appeared. By default, it is already enabled for employees with the permission "Can edit products".

new permission "Can create new product"

We remind you that you can configure the permissions for each role on the page "Settings > Employees".

Setting a serial number template

Now you can customize your own serial number template. To do this, go to the "Settings > General" page and in the "Warehouse" block, find the "Serial number template" field.

Setting a serial number template

Here, as in the templates of the order number, document or invoice, {C: 5} represents the serial number counter 5 characters long starting with 0.

Picking the number template consider, that serial numbers should be at least 4 characters long. If the numbers will be too long they will not fit the printed lables. The number may contain only Latin letters (A-Z), dots, commas, dashes, underscores, slashes, and digits (0-9).

Improved Inventory search

We have improved Inventory search, so you can find relevant documents faster.

On the "Postings" tab, the search works by document number, invoice number, an employee who created the document, supplier, warehouse and comment on the document.

On the "Write-offs" tab, the search works by the document number, the person who created the document, the supplier, the warehouse and the comment on the document.

To search for the "Transfers" tab, use the document number, employee name, warehouse names (departure and destination), and comment on the document.

Search in "Stocktakes" works by document number, numbers of related posting, write-off and transfer documents, by warehouse name, category, employee name and comment on the document.

To find "Purchase return", use the document number, the number of the base document (posting), warehouse name, employee and supplier, as well as the comment on the document.

That's all. In the meantime, you are evaluating new opportunities for posting products, we are actively preparing for the next update, which will be very soon ?

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