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Taking into account the location work hours in the Scheduler, search and help button in the page header and other improvements

RemOnline never stands still. Therefore, today we want to tell you about the latest improvements to the service:

  • every page now has a header, which contains the search and help button in write corner;
  • you can take into account the location working time in the Scheduler;
  • you can edit orders from another location without leaving the current one;
  • RemOnline validates the names of service to avoid creating duplicates;
  • view and edit dialogs can be closed with the Esc key.

Let's take a closer look at each item.

Search and help button in the page header

As you may have noticed, every page now has a header, and the search "moved" to the right corner of it. And in case you didn't know, RemOnline has autofocus in the search field when you start typing. So you don’t even need to put the cursor in the search field, just start typing as you got to the needed page.

Also, near the search field, you will find a help button. A click on this button gives an opportunity to:

  • navigate to the RemOnline Knowledge Base;
  • call the support chat (so the chat icon will no longer overlap data in reports);
  • enable learning mode.

Search and help button in the page header

Now, in the training mode, on each page, you will find links to related articles in the Knowledge Base, which are detailed on how to use different RemOnline features. And very soon there will be short training tours. All this will allow you to quickly learn the capabilities of RemOnline and train new employees.

Accounting of location work hours in the Scheduler

Previously, the Scheduler visually indicated the location work hours set on the "Settings > Location" page. But it could not take it into account when displaying the appointment duration. Well, now it's changed ?

You can mark the checkbox "Take into account location work hours when planning orders in the Scheduler" on the "Settings > General" page. After that, if the appointment end time exceeds the location working time, in the Scheduler order will be extended for the next working day.

Accounting of location work hours in the Scheduler

You can read more about Order Scheduler features in the Knowledge Base.

Editing orders in other locations

If you have several locations, then you probably faced the fact that being in one location it was impossible to edit the order from another. You had to change the location and reopen the order. Now you can edit the order located in another location (if you have access to it) without leaving the current ?

Services validating

Duplication of the same services creates a lot of inconvenience for employees, especially when the complete list is already not small. To prevent the creation of duplicates, we introduced a validation of the names of the services. Now you can’t accidentally name the services identically, and then confuse them.

Services validating

The validation works with any ways of creating a new service: manually and when importing on the page "Settings > Services list", as well as when adding new service through the tab "Labor and materials" in the order.

Closing dialogs by pressing Esc

Now the dialogs for viewing and editing existing documents can be closed with the Esc key. For the order editing dialog, it works if the cursor is not in the field for adding a service or material. The dialogs for creating a new order, sale, or document still can be closed only with a button.

We also did a lot of technical work "under the hood", thanks to which RemOnline should now work faster. In addition, the mobile version also has been improved.

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