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Better Communication And Access From Anywhere With RemOnline

Whatever the business size, it needs to streamline internal processes to increase productivity and save resources. And when it comes to a repair center, the speed and quality of provided services are key success factors. However, keeping track of work orders, communicating with clients, and, finally, repairing devices become an everyday challenge, especially when dealing with various device models and offering different repair services.

EiS Serwis, a mobile phone repair center from Poland, and its owner, Dmytro Kosovan, know the struggle firsthand. The business offers repair and maintenance services for various devices and equipment (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).

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Repair Management without Flexibility

Before RemOnline, EiS Serwis already used a repair management system. The main reason for seeking a better solution was that the team couldn’t log in to the software from computers that were not physically connected to the server in the repair center. That is, a stationary server was required. At some point, Dmytro Kosovan decided his business needed something more versatile. A colleague who worked for another service center recommended he try the phone repair management software RemOnline.

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The Team’s Mobility with RemOnline

The most important advantage of RemOnline for EiS Serwis was, of course, the ability to access customer data and repair records from any device.

Further benefits are workflow optimization, quick repair management, improved internal and client communication, and high-quality technical support.

EiS Serwis likes the following tools RemOnline offers to control repair job processing:

mobile-assets.webp (96 KB)Work Order Management in RemOnline

  • Asset management and stock level control allow the company to provide its technicians with the tools and parts they need to do their job well;
  • Automatic notifications and feedback collection help the team timely communicate with clients;
  • Setting up status sequences for different work order types helps to customize workflows and keep accurate track of repairs.

Thanks to RemOnline, I can follow the status of repairs when I'm not at the service center. So my colleagues don't have to call me whenever a job status changes.

Dmytro Kosovan
Owner, EiS Serwis

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Dmytro Kosovan’s employees also use the RemOnline Work Orders mobile application when working in the field. For EiS Serwis, where part of the work is on-site repairs, accessing the system from any device with an Internet connection is very important. This way, the technicians can open a work order, get the necessary information, and make changes during the repair process.

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Processing repairs and tasks via the RemOnline Work Orders app

We wish EiS Serwis continuous business growth for years ahead. And RemOnline will continue to help automate more routine processes with new features and integrations.