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RemOnline is a cloud-based software for shop management in the fine jewelry industry

Increase Jewelry Inventory Performance

Monitor inventory levels, perform postings, write-offs, or transfers of goods, make returns to suppliers, and add items or materials to work orders or sales.

The jewelry inventory program stores the entire history of actions in your stock, so you always know what’s in there and what’s missing.

Bin locations and serial accounting features will help you build the most accurate and trackable storage.

Set up stock alerts to simplify inventory tracking and restock on time.

Keep Records of In-Store Sales With Ease

Speed up processing of sales in your  jewelry retail store:

  • Customize prices and discounts on merchandise based on the purchase or manufacturing price and margin
  • Create unlimited cashboxes, accept prepayments, cash or non-cash payments and make refunds to customers
  • Quickly add items using the barcode scanner
  • Show prices with sales tax or without in documents

Sync Invoices With Xero

Connect your RemOnline account to Xero to simplify accounting data management in your jewelry store business. Your invoices, sales tax setup, customer info, and inventory items in work orders will be automatically updated in both accounts.

Integrations For Online Jewelry Retail

Increase your profit through online sales—integrate your account via Zapier to shipping services, logistics solutions, and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Shopify.

RemOnline users can also get a Custom Integration with any marketplace via an XLS/CSV file. It synchronizes stock levels in the company’s warehouses with the e-commerce platforms for accurate stock data.

Offering jewelry or watch repair?
Use RemOnline jewelry shop software to process repair jobs

Effective Work Order Management

Streamline the processing of work orders for repair and restoration works in your jewelry shop:

  • Specify the type, weight, precious metals, size, and any necessary information about the items in the jewelry repair software to have this data accessible from any device and location
  • Use service and raw material pricelists to calculate the cost of work quickly
  • Control the progress with status chains and time limits
  • Set up automatic alerts to customers and employees to keep everyone updated

Work Order Processing on Smartphones and Tablets

Use the RemOnline Work Orders App to profess jobs while moving around.

  • Take pictures of items you work on and attach them to work orders immediately
  • View all work order details, update statuses, leave comments, and follow the event feed
  • Add products from stock, edit services, complete tasks, and accept payments

Jewelry CRM and Customer Database

RemOnline will remember everyone who brought you their jewelry pieces for repair at least once. The jewelry shop management software consolidates all customers into a centralized database and keeps a history of services and payments on one easy-to-access platform.

Safekeeping of Jewelry Pieces for Repair or Restoration

Never lose track of customers' belongings in your jewelry store inventory. Digital warehouses in RemOnline will help you control all the transfers, responsible craftsmen, and status changes.

Jewelry Invoice Software For Paperless Workflow

Eliminate manual input by setting up auto-fill fields for jewelry specs in all standard documents like quotes and invoices. Your employees will no longer have to enter customer data, jewelry products, or work order information as it will be already there when generating a document from work orders or sales.

Tools For
Jewelry Business Management

Analyze Assortment To Avoid Unsold Stock

RemOnline will help you identify unprofitable items and build a balanced inventory based on customer preferences.

Advanced Reporting for Jewelry Retailers

Use the real-time data in the RemOnline’s Dashboard to quickly assess the key performance metrics and see at a glance what’s happening with your business.

In seconds, generate reports on jewelry warehouses, sales, finance, work orders, and employees to inform your decision-making and identify jewelry business growth points.

Coming soon: tax reporting on taxes applied in work orders, sales, invoices, and postings.

Mobile App For Jewelry Store Owners and Managers

Manage your business from anywhere via the RemOnline Boss app. Track the number of work orders created, items sold, the amount paid, and other critical daily KPIs, so you can quickly react to any changes. Monitor employee performance, customer reviews, and cashbox balances while on the go.

Automated Payroll Computing For Different Roles and Activities

Easily manage repetitive employee payments to control labor costs and boost morale.

  • More than eight payroll scenarios to choose from
  • The computing of sales commissions, bonuses, penalties, and individual coefficients
  • Individual salary balances for employees
  • Automated payroll calculation, accrual, and salary payout

Monitoring of Employee Activities in the Jewelers Software

View all actions your employees do in the system on one page. In the Activity Log report, you can:

  • Monitor created, modified, deleted, and 44 other employee events in RemOnline
  • Analyze activities of individual employees and locations, filter by type and date
  • Recover deleted customer profiles in the jewelry shop software

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What are the key features of a jewelry store management system?


You will need features for customer management, repair order processing, employee management, inventory, sales, payroll, invoicing, small-batch manufacturing management, and business analysis reports. You will find all these essential jewelry store functions in RemOnline, an all-in-one solution designed explicitly for small and midsize specialty retailers.

How do I improve customer relationship management in my jewelry business?


To offer exceptional services to your customers, you must organize every aspect of jewelry store operation on a high level. For this purpose, use a powerful solution like jewelry store management software that speeds up your business processes, optimizes routine tasks, and provides deep insights into analytics.

RemOnline is a cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface for businesses that operate in the jewelry industry. It combines CRM, sales, repairs, cash flow, and inventory management into one centralized platform. You can access your existing and potential customer database from any device, quickly find information about customer history, previous repairs, and purchases, and set up discounts for your loyal clientele to build repeat business and increase customer satisfaction.

Are there tools in RemOnline software for repair shops to manage both jewelry retail and repair?


Sure, there are such tools in RemOnline. You can keep records of repairs in the Work Orders section of your RemOnline account. Here, you can add services, assign a responsible employee, change statuses, add photos of a jewelry piece, leave comments, calculate a final cost, and generate estimates or invoices.

In the Sales section, you can sell goods posted on the Inventory page. You can also sell services that take little time to perform. To avoid filling out the entire work order form, you can sell such services in the Sales section.

For work orders and sales, you can set up payroll calculation rules for the employees involved and view reports on profits your business generates from these activities.

What is jewelry inventory software?


This is an app for businesses like jewelry makers and store owners to track and manage their inventory. It allows companies to keep track of the quantity and location of their finished products and monitor sales and stock levels in real-time. Inventory management solutions can automate inventory-related tasks, such as generating purchase orders, managing stock levels, and tracking sales trends. Specialized systems for jewelry stores also give businesses valuable financial reporting and analytics to optimize jewelry management processes, minimize stockouts and overstocking, and improve overall efficiency. Inventory management software is essential for companies of all sizes to ensure adequate inventory control and streamline their supply chain operations.

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