Time-Saving Payroll Management For Small & Midsize Businesses

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Automation of the Entire Payroll Process

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Adjustable to Any Organizational Structure

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Suitable for Salaried and Non-Exempt Employees

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Full-Service Payroll System for Accurate and Timely Payments

Error-Free Calculation of Base Salaries

Excel sheets and calculators are no longer a part of your payroll management process.

Using the payroll solution by RemOnline, you can create employee work schedules to track attendance and configure a fixed part of the salary—an hourly, daily, or monthly base salary.

Commissions to Boost Employee Engagement

Configure employee benefits for different types of workers: salespeople, mechanics, cashiers, managers, administrators, etc.

Automate their computing for each employee based on various activities, e.g., creating or closing a work order, selling a particular product, or adding parts to work orders. You can also set up extra payments for more expensive goods and services or increase the commission depending on the final amount of the work order or sale.

This will create healthy competition in your team, engaging them to deliver better results.

Motivation with Rewards and Penalties

Show your salaried employees you appreciate what they do for your company by implementing an incentive system. Or motivate your team to do their job better with penalties. Whatever it is, adding a commission or a penalty to the final amount of the employee's salary in RemOnline is an easy task.

Incentives for Loyal and Best-Performing Employees

After you find the right people for your team, the next step is talent management. Motivate them to stay loyal and build their personal growth in your company—this is what coefficients in RemOnline are for.

You can specify coefficients to multiply the base salary based on employee experience and seniority or set individual coefficients on sales of certain goods, services, and their categories. Commissions for these specified operations will be multiplied by the set coefficients.

Put a system in place with an integrated payroll management solution

Peace of Mind with Payroll Accrual

You can monitor the calculated payroll amount in real time to check what generates the final payments to employees, including their base salary, commissions, bonuses, and penalties. This allows you to adjust the payroll calculation before the funds are accrued to the employee's balance, avoiding incorrect payments.

Smooth Payment Procedures

Salary payout is one of the most critical aspects of payroll—RemOnline payroll management software allows you to manage employees’ payables without stress. Although it is only possible to accrue payroll after the month is over, you can make payouts to your employees within the time frame and in the amount you prefer.

Transparent Payroll and Payment Tracking for Employees

Personal Balances in RemOnline is an employee self-service tool to track monthly payroll. On a separate page, employees see their salary, how much to expect, and how it is calculated.

RemOnline is cloud-based payroll software that does all the calculation work for you

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Why do I need to manage payroll?


Payroll management is essential to ensure employees are paid correctly and on time. It also helps to streamline the payroll process by automating payroll calculations, which reduces the possibility of errors.

Additionally, it allows for accurate time tracking of employee hours worked, deductions taken from paychecks, and other information related to payroll processes.

Furthermore, payroll accuracy helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and labor laws.

What is Payroll software?


This is one of the modern tools that help business owners manage, process, and track employee payments. Payroll software solutions store employee details and calculate salaries, deductions, commissions, and penalties. In addition, payroll software systems can help control costs spent on payroll and ensure calculation accuracy for compliance with different laws.

How to choose a payroll management system?


Choosing the right online payroll software can take time and effort. You want to select a reliable solution that fits your company's needs and offers a well-designed user interface. Here are some steps to help you make the right decision:

1. Determine Your Needs. Before choosing this business system, consider your current payroll processing needs. Consider what features you need in your payroll software and determine which functions are essential for your business.

2. Evaluate Solutions. Once you know the required key features, it's time to evaluate potential solutions. Search for user reviews on different systems and talk to people with experience with them. Identify which systems offer comprehensive features like employee work schedules, payroll adjustment, coefficients, etc.

3. Setup a Demo. Take the time to set up demos and understand how each system works so you can compare them before selecting the one that suits you best. Ask questions about pricing plans, the number of users included, security safeguards, and any other details that will give business insights into how much effort is involved when using each system. E.g. schedule a 15-minute demo of RemOnline now to see how it can support your long-term business growth.

4. Test The System Out. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s essential to test out each one before investing your resources in implementation – thoroughly testing it out beforehand ensures complete comfortability with the behind-the-scenes operations of the software once it is finally implemented for workforce management at your organization. RemOnline offers you a 7-day trial to access and evaluate all features so you can understand how automation of routine tasks will save you future labor costs and improve your time management.

How do I do payroll in my small business?


For small businesses and midsize companies, one of the most important things to learn is how to do payroll. Payroll can be daunting for those without previous experience in the field, but it doesn't have to be. Here's a list of steps to help you get started:

1. Gather Necessary Information. Before you begin processing payroll, a few pieces of information must be gathered from each employee—their name, address, Social Security number, financial institution routing, and account numbers, base salary, and payment frequency.

2. Set up Your Business Tax Accounts. For accurate tax payments, you'll need to set up federal and state tax accounts so that employers' withholding taxes can be sent directly to the government agencies responsible for managing them.

3. Create Payroll Records. Businesses must keep accurate records of salaries paid to organize everything when preparing tax payments or responding to audit requests. Use software programs designed explicitly for payroll management tasks to save time and avoid errors.

4. Accrue Salaries. You can use manual calculations or turn to more efficient processes, such as full-service payroll software, that speed up this process by automatically handling the math behind accrual based on attendance tracking and any additional benefits employers provide.

5. Make Payments. Once all necessary calculations have been made, you can distribute paychecks to your employees—usually at least once per month is required. Still, bi-weekly or even daily payments are possible.

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