Keep Constant Contact With Existing And Potential Customers
On Their Favorite Platform Without Leaving RemOnline

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Direct Messages
in RemOnline Interface

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Support of Multiple
Instagram Accounts

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Templates & Auto-Replies

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Trackable Interaction History

Test the Instagram integration and other automation features for free in a 7-day trial

RemOnline helps you improve customer satisfaction and win more business

Organize Customer Communications in One Place

Connect Instagram to RemOnline and forget about missed replies and lost leads. Find all conversations from your Instagram Business account in a special section of the CRM system to promptly process any inquiries from potential clients.

Although you can send only texts and images because of Instagram restrictions, RemOnline allows you to share links to files uploaded to RemOnline’s server.

Automate Instagram Direct Messages

When overwhelmed with standard questions and typical requests, enable auto-responding to the first message you receive from a potential customer on Instagram. You can use templates and customize responses based on work order types.

Boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with timely communication

Focus on Clients, Not Communication Channels

RemOnline lets you see all conversations at a glance and divide them into active and closed ones based on their relevance. Each unprocessed inquiry remains highlighted, reminding you to pay attention to it. And if you connect several Instagram accounts, you’ll see what page a message comes from and filter chats by source.

Prioritize Security and Client-Oriented Approach

Grant access to direct messaging with clients only to your company's employees responsible for customer communications.

  • Access settings based on user roles
  • Assigning employees to particular chats
  • History of actions done in a conversation

Convert Conversations into Jobs in a few Clicks

Save time on admin tasks when clients come from words to real business. RemOnline allows you to create leads and work orders directly from IG messages.

Suppose a prospect from Instagram turns out to be an existing client in your database. In that case, their contact details and active/previous work orders will be displayed to employees, providing them with valuable information for customer service.

IG conversations will also be linked to work orders and client profiles so you can better analyze customer behavior and offer more personalized service.

RemOnline offers even more workflow automation possibilities

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Besides IG direct messages,
manage conversations
from Facebook Pages

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Connect more Instagram
for Business integrations
via Zapier

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Integrate with WhatsApp and Viber for seamless instant messaging communication

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Reach more marketing goals with a direct integration to Twilio SMS & VoIP

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Is RemOnline’s integration with Instagram free?


You can connect Instagram for free when subscribing to one of these plans—Startup, Business, or Enterprise. For the Hobby plan users, this integration is unavailable.

What can I do with RemOnline + Instagram?


Integrating Instagram Direct to RemOnline lets you manage direct messaging with prospects and clients efficiently on one platform. Conversations are saved in client profiles, and work order event feeds, providing you with valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. Your employees can quickly create work orders and leads while chatting, send images and links, and view the action history. A convenient view of all active and closed chats in the RemOnline interface helps your team respond promptly to all inquiries. To secure access to IG messaging, you can configure various access rights for each employee role in your RemOnline account. It is also possible to connect multiple Instagram accounts to the system and manage them easily in one place. To enable direct integration with Instagram, sign up for a Startup, Business, or Enterprise plan and navigate to your account settings. If you have any questions about this integration or need assistance, contact RemOnline Customer Support.

What is Instagram Direct?


Instagram Direct is a feature on the popular social media platform Instagram that allows users to send private messages and share content with individuals or groups—have one-on-one conversations, share photos and videos, and even send disappearing messages. Instagram Direct provides a more intimate and personalized way of communication than social feeds. It is a convenient tool for businesses to connect and engage with their target audience more privately and directly.

How can I automate replies to direct messages on Instagram?


For this purpose, you must first connect a third-party tool compatible with Instagram to your account. After signing up and setting up the integration, you can configure specific rules and triggers for sending automated messages. This can include sending welcome messages to new followers, responding to particular keywords or hashtags, or even sending automated replies to frequently asked questions. Please note that you should automate Instagram direct messages in compliance with Instagram's terms of service to avoid any potential penalties or account suspensions.

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