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All Business Processes In One Software

BALANCE SERVICE has provided car repair and maintenance services since May 2022, when Volodymyr Shkvarko founded it. Its service lists include the replacement of technical fluids and chassis and engine repairs. Thus, the company offers a full-service cycle, except for painting work performed by contractors. Read further to find out how RemOnline became a part of BALANCE SERVICE's business processes and improved the overall performance of the car repair workshop.

reception-balance.webp (119 KB)BALANCE SERVICE's rest area for customers

Volodymyr Shkvarko has eight years of experience in the car service industry. So at some point, he came up with the idea of starting his own business. When the workshop where Volodymyr worked as a manager closed, he was forced to speed up his plans. The team from his previous job stayed with him. Today, there are 10 employees, four receptionists and six mechanics. They expanded the premises significantly quickly: added two new boxes to the three existing ones, and rented an additional building.

Switching to a Specialized Software Program for Workshop Management

Volodymyr Shkvarko recalls that record keeping was done in Excel six years ago. Of course, tracking repairs this way was much more convenient than just on paper. But even spreadsheets cannot be compared to specialized software for managing workshop operations. So it was no surprise that the management of his previous job felt the need for such a solution.

We started implementing RemOnline, which turned out to be quite convenient. I really like the program. I'm used to it because I've used it for almost four years. During this time, it has improved significantly, in particular due to integrations.

Volodymyr Shkvarko

With RemOnline Right From the Start 

Volodymyr Shkvarko implemented RemOnline in his own company from the very first day because he knew it would meet his business needs. He likes managing all crucial processes in one place—Tasks, Leads, Work Orders, Inventory, and Finances. In addition, it is convenient for him as a business owner to generate reports in RemOnline for audits and inventory management.

BALANCE SERVICE has also connected VoIP to the CRM module. Employees can quickly search for client contacts, make one-click calls, handle missed calls, and save call recordings. When a client calls, their data is displayed. Employees can immediately create a task and pass it on to a colleague to call back.

It's very cool when you see a name during a call, pick up the phone, and address the client by name. And the client is surprised that their name is remembered. People really like it when you call them by name; they immediately become more favorable.

Volodymyr Shkvarko

calls-in-autoservice.webp (57 KB)Receiving an incoming call in RemOnline

Volodymyr also notes the convenience of collecting feedback and automatic SMS sending thanks to the SMS Gateway integration. After closing a work order, the system automatically sends a review request. The collected client feedback is available as a report at any time.

RemOnline mobile applications are no less useful for BALANCE SERVICE. Volodymyr Shkvarko has installed both RemOnline Work Orders and RemOnline Boss. One of the features he uses constantly is checking cashbox balances in real time.

cashboxes@2x.png (126 KB)Cashbox balances in the RemOnline Boss app

Implementing and configuring RemOnline was a smooth process for BALANCE SERVICE. After all, all employees were already familiar with this workshop management software. Mechanics can track their salaries, open work orders to clarify details and view service history. It's convenient for employees and the owner, as there's no need to make back-and-forth calls to check the work progress. New employees who have never worked with RemOnline need about two to three days to get used to the software.

Find out which RemOnline tools will help your business increase profits

employees-with-car.webp (113 KB)BALANCE SERVICE

Communicating With Clients in an Automated Way

The company is currently developing social media marketing using Instagram and Facebook. That's why it was so important to integrate RemOnline with Facebook Messenger, allowing employees to communicate with clients in one window. This integration helps to avoid manual information transfer and saves time. Employees have a single workspace where all the necessary data is collected, allowing them to concentrate on important tasks.

all-chats.webp (51 KB)Facebook Messenger conversations in RemOnline

Another advantage for the car repair business is integration with Viber and Binotel. Employees can reply to messages or call directly from the client's profile without switching between platforms. This helps to plan work efficiently and increases staff productivity.

In the future, the company plans to scale its operations and expand services to new areas. In this context, it was a good idea to optimize daily operations as much as possible with the help of RemOnline. Volodymyr believes opening new workshops will be much more efficient with a structured approach and understanding of internal workflows.

The RemOnline team wishes BALANCE SERVICE to achieve its business goals and become the first workshop car owners think of when they need auto repair services.

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