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RemOnline introduces the Order Scheduler

RemOnline is a flexible tool for a broad range of service companies. We can divide these into 2 company categories:

  • Companies providing services on a first-come, first-served basis;
  • Companies registering their client orders in advance.

This article aims to tell you about entirely new functionality for the latter category. Such companies agree with the client on a date, time – and sometimes even place – of the future works in advance. Let's find out how to do it in RemOnline.

Client appointment system field

Older RemOnline versions had a Master call time field. The field is now replaced with the Client registration combined field consisting of the Scheduled for and Duration fields.

scheduled-for-field.png (28 KB)

Navigate to the "Settings > Forms editor" page to add or remove this field form your order form. Select the order type, hit the Add field button, and find the Client appointment option in the System fields list.

addind-scheduler-field.gif (1.05 MB)

As with any other field in the editor, you can set a default value for the Client appointment field and make it required to fill out.

client-appointment-default-value.gif (147 KB)

Use the values from this combined field in your printed document templates and notifications: The {Date Order Scheduled On} variable for the Master call time field and the {Date Order Duration} one for the Duration field value.

As soon as you add the Client appointment system field to at least one order form, the switcher between Table and Scheduler layouts appears on the order page.

scheduler-switcher.png (30 KB)

Compared to a Table displaying a simple orders list, the Order Scheduler places your orders with responsible employees on the timeline.

The Scheduler displays orders for a specified day. You can see the hourly timeline for a selected day on the top of a section. The red vertical dash on the timeline is the current time. As time passes, it moves along the timeline helping managers to identify past, current, and future orders.

Use forward/backward buttons or calendar to switch between dates.

scheduler-navigate.gif (572 KB)

You can see your contractors placed vertically on the left of a section. These are the employees with the Displayed in the contractor list right. Use the contractor filter to view only relevant employees.

specialists-on-scheduler.png (25 KB)

The Order Scheduler is functionality for administrators and managers solving the following two issues:

  • Finding the relevant contractor based on the client's time preferences;
  • Finding a suitable time interval based on the contractor workload.

The Scheduler shows the data on a timeline, which significantly increases the visibility of available time and contractors. Once a suitable time is discovered, click the desired time to open an order dialog window with the Master call time and Contractor fields already filled out.

new-order-from-scheduler.gif (160 KB)

Schedule your orders and control employees' workload with RemOnline.

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