Make Stocktaking of Your Entire Warehouse a Simple Process

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Perform accurate stocktake with the approach you like the most

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Save stocktake subtotals
with RemOnline drafts

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Detect and resolve balance differences with real-time data

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Verify and archive your stocktakes with inventory documents

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RemOnline streamlines business operations and ensures your team’s everyday efficiency

Perform Partial or Full Stocktake

RemOnline allows you to perform both full or partial stocktake of your stock quantity. This addresses the custom stocktake logic. For instance, if you want to perform a stock stake without smartphone accessories, you can run a partial stocktake to exclude those from the results.

Choose Your Stocktake Approach

RemOnline introduces 4 convenient inventory audit approaches:

  • Barcode reader stocktake
  • Import/export products file stocktake
  • Paper sheet stocktake
  • The stocktake list upload

These opportunities allow for flexible stocktakes. Here at RemOnline, we understand that there can be no barcode scanners or wireless printers in the vicinity, so you always have a plan B for your stocktake.

All the essential features for proper inventory management in one solution

Keep Every Stock Item on Track

Implement RemOnline stocktake combined with bin locations, serial number tracking, and asset tracking to put all your items in place and calibrate your inventory accounting. Minimize the risk of balance differences and low levels of stock with RemOnline Inventory stocktake.

Save Stocktake Subtotals

Stocktake drafts in RemOnline address the cases when you can't perform a full stocktake at once and need to save subtotals. This lets you access detailed product data on a cloud-based platform anytime and anywhere to end the stocktake process.

Print Acts and Documents in a Few Clicks

When the stocktake is complete, you can access the stocktake results document via the user-friendly interface of your manager panel. Print it or filter by the balance difference type.

RemOnline enables you to print the stocktake settlement act. This way, you can always keep your stocktake transparent and perform the final stocktake check with these acts and documents.

Save Time on the Stock Balance Settlements

Here's how you can resolve balance differences with RemOnline in just a few clicks:

  • Write off all shorage entries
  • Discard the excess
  • Transfer serial items
  • Change the product categories
  • Post unknown products

You can see all these actions in the linked documents in your CRM system.


What is inventory management software?


Inventory management solutions help businesses track, manage, and control their inventory. It allows businesses to keep track of inventory levels, monitor sales and purchases, and streamline the overall inventory process. Inventory management tools provide real-time tracking and visibility into inventory levels, enabling businesses to decide when to reorder inventory items and how much to order. It also helps businesses avoid stockouts and overstocking, which can lead to financial losses. Using an inventory control solution helps businesses optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Why is proper stock management important?


Inventory management is essential for businesses that want to take the most out of their stock. When appropriately managed, your inventory meets customer demand without stockouts, which can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. You can also minimize inventory holding costs by preventing overstocking and reducing the risk of obsolete or expired products. You will experience better financial planning, as excessive inventory ties up capital that could be used for other business purposes. Moreover, efficient stock management allows for accurate forecasting and enterprise resource planning, enabling businesses to optimize production and procurement processes.

How can stock control systems benefit small business owners?


Stock control systems can significantly benefit small business owners by giving them greater visibility and control over their inventory. Inventory management features allow business owners to track and monitor their stock levels in real-time, ensuring they always have enough inventory to meet customer demand. This can help prevent stockouts and overstocking, leading to lost sales and unnecessary expenses. Stock control systems can also help streamline sales order management and replenishment, as they can automatically generate purchase orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold. This can save entrepreneurs valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on other important business aspects.

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