Automate Routine Tasks to Achieve Revenue Goals

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Sales Document Management

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Sales Performance Tracking

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Task Management
For Sales Teams

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Built-in features you receive with RemOnline’s sales CRM platform

Reduce the Time Spent on Sales Operations

Import your products and services from an Excel file to make filling your inventory and setting up serial accounting and bin locations a matter of a few clicks.

Moreover, you can create categories and subcategories to manage your items conveniently. Then, you can use those to perform bulk actions: print labels, transfer or sell your items in bulk. If you sell online, integrate your stock in RemOnline with any online store that supports import via XLS or CSV files for instant synchronization.

Handy Price and Discount Management

You can set multiple price types for a single item: retail, repair, or special. This enables you to configure different sales margins RemOnline sales software will apply automatically.

This is convenient because you can select the price from this list upon the sale or write-off. What is more vital, this powerful tool allows you to provide one-time and permanent client discounts to boost repeat business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Sales Management

Sales Manager’s Features of Contact Management

Save client and supplier contact info and interaction history in a single RemOnline database. This lets you retrieve client-related data during CRM telephony calls and build a strong customer relationship.

Furthermore, implementing a customer relationship management and sales cloud platform is handy for managing your business contacts and sales activity. This makes transferring work orders between company branches simple and secure.

Ready-Made Templates to Simplify Administrative Tasks

RemOnline exposes a wide range of built-in templates to simplify tedious tasks and reduce manual data entry. Work order, sales, and email templates already contain all needed fields and autocomplete the better part of the information. You can create, edit, and remove your templates. This Sales Management customization enhances your sales process and automates many daily tasks.

Detailed Reports to Analyze Incomes and Sales Performance

Study your crucial company metrics on the Manager Dashboard and build custom reports in the Company Insights to adjust your sales strategies timely. RemOnline reporting system enables you to run numerous reports:

  • Stock Level Report
  • Products Turnover Report
  • Financial Reporting
  • Work Orders Report
  • Sales Reporting

Assess your sales revenue and discover the growth points for your business.

RemOnline is software for sales management with cross-device accessibility,
manager’s mobile app, and integrations with 200+ business tools


What is a sales management platform?


A sales management platform is a software tool or system that helps businesses manage their sales processes and activities effectively. It provides a centralized platform for sales and marketing teams to track and manage leads, contacts, follow-up tasks, a complete sales cycle, and opportunities and monitor sales performance and progress. Sales management systems typically include features such as customer lifetime and deal tracking, sales pipeline management, sales forecasting, reporting and analytics, and communication tools. It helps streamline and automate your sales funnel, create a realistic sales plan, improve communication and collaboration among sales teams, and provide valuable insights and data to optimize sales strategies and decision-making. Overall, sales management tools are designed to enhance sales efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.

How do I process sales management tasks effectively?


It is vital to have a clear and organized sales process in place. This includes setting clear sales goals for the sales department, providing sales agents with the necessary sales tools and resources to succeed, and regularly monitoring and evaluating their performance. Effective communication is also crucial in sales management, both within the team and with customers. Regular team meetings and one-on-one discussions with a sales leader and management teams ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Additionally, it is crucial to stay updated on industry trends and changes and continuously adapt and improve sales strategies and techniques. Finally, staying motivated and keeping the team motivated is critical to achieving sales success. This can be done through recognition and rewards for achievements, ongoing training and development opportunities, and creating a positive and supportive sales culture.

How to choose sales team management software?


Choosing sales software can be daunting, but there are a few key factors to consider when making your decision.

  • Assess your team's specific needs and goals. What features and functionalities are essential for your sales team to be successful? Consider factors such as lead generation, contact management, pipeline management, reporting capabilities, and communication features.
  • Evaluate the user interface and sales management software providers’ customer service. The solution should be intuitive and easy for your team to navigate and adapt.
  • Consider the scalability and integration capabilities of the software. Will it be able to grow and adapt according to your business plans? Can it integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and systems?
  • Take into account the cost and ROI of the software. Is it affordable and will it provide a significant return on investment? Are there some crucial features at an additional cost? How many users per month are included in the subscription?

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