Streamline receipt printing and financial transactions
with the seamless Fakturownia and RemOnline integration

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10 times faster processing
of work orders

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Only a few minutes to set up

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1 platform for all sales
and work orders

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Two-way integration

Integration with Fakturownia saves time and simplifies invoicing.
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Integration with Fakturownia is a profitable alternative
to classic fiscal registrars and cash registers

Fiscalise all payments 

Integrate your RemOnline account with Fakturownia to control and access your accounting data from any location and device.

Create and close work orders or sales in RemOnline and accept payments. Information about payments for work orders and sales and refunds to clients will be sent to the tax authorities. And you, in turn, will automatically receive fiscal documents.

Automation of payment fiscalisation

Track work orders and sales in RemOnline and accept payments hassle-free.

RemOnline's integration with Fakturownia ensures that the Tax Service automatically receives payment information for work orders, sales, and client returns.

Printing fiscal receipts for clients

RemOnline offers a simple and intuitive integration with the Fakturownia Fiskator so that you can automatically print fiscal receipts for sales and work orders. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  • Connect Fakturownia and specify the name of the Fiskator’s fiscal printer
  • Specify which cashbox in RemOnline you want to print fiscal receipts for
  • Define printing rules: select when fiscal receipts should be automatically printed (e.g. when selling, making a return, or processing a work order).

That’s it! RemOnline will automatically generate and print fiscal receipts, saving time and eliminating errors.

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