Streamline Your Customer Communication

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Save employees' time

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Use pre-configured message templates

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Improve customer service

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No Mess With Business Messaging

Save time typing messages

You can select a ready-made message template, edit it if necessary, and send it in a few clicks to a chat with your client on the messenger they prefer.

Contact clients right from work orders

You no longer need to switch tabs, look for a phone number or work order data to start a chat with your clients. RemOnline’s integration with WhatsApp and Viber allows you to instantly start messaging on the messenger application installed on your computer right from the work order.

Automate sending notifications via messengers

Integration with WhatsApp business API will allow you to automate the sending of notifications on work order status changes via messenger.

Integrate RemOnline With WhatsApp and Viber in 3 Steps:

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Install the WhatsApp and/or Viber
app on your computer

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Go to the "Settings > Integrations" page in RemOnline and find WhatsApp and Viber there. Click "Configure"

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Select the "Integration enabled" checkbox and save the setting

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