Get connected with Shopify business for automated workflow in RemOnline.
Consolidate sales. Organize records. Share data to improve customer service

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Handle customer data without having
to shift between your ecommerce
platform and CRM

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Greatly streamline workflow,
follow up faster, and never miss
a single online order

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Bring your sales data to life
by having all orders
and customer details in one place

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Gain improvement in efficiency
with no extra staff or heavy
software investment required

Shopify Integrations

Consolidated Sales

Pull all your customer information in a single spot of contact in RemOnline. Automatically create a new order for each purchase made in your Shopify store.

Improved Performance

Try multiple options by Zapier to integrate with RemOnline and Shopify. Bring your sales data to life and drive the business to a wholly new level of efficiency.

End-to-end Experience

Launch and run a successful online store, or even multiple ones, all on the same page in RemOnline. Track products and inventory, manage cash flow, collect payments, and much more.

Customer Insights

Connect your Shopify business with RemOnline for a single well-aligned customer base. Consolidate order information with customer profiles. Score and customize your marketing approach to each segment.

How To Connect Your Shopify Business With RemOnline

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Visit Zapier and sign up for an account to get started

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Choose a template to integrate Shopify with RemOnline

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Select a new Shopify order and the one in RemOnline to work together

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Additionally select custom fields to add customer data from Shopify to RemOnline

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Job’s done! Your ecommerce business is connected for a single automated workflow

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