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From One Cycle Courier To 1000 Employees

Bicycles have been used to deliver small parcels and mail for over a century and are still an essential transportation method for couriers in urban areas over short distances. With the rise of electric bikes, the speed of carrying and delivering items has now exceeded even vehicle deliveries. Bicycle messengers can easily bypass traffic jams, road works, dense buildings, and narrow streets. Bike courier deliveries have become especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BezProblem joined in this trend. Valentyn Yeremeyev and Vladyslav Komarnytsky founded the company during the lockdown. The partners offered cycle couriers a complete ecosystem, from creating accounts in the system and providing bags and e-bikes to repairing and maintaining bicycles. All couriers have to do is take delivery orders and get paid.

Only three years ago, Valentyn was the only cycle courier in BezProblem. As for now, about 1,000 people work at 12 locations in Poland and the Czech Republic every day. A staff of 35 employees supports their delivery services.

bezproblem-office.webp (158 KB)BezProblem Office in Poland

Ready-Made Solution for Keeping Track of Bike Repair Jobs

To maintain a fleet of bikes, BezProblem needed a specialized work order management program. The company used its own accounting system, part of which was designed to track the bicycles' maintenance. However, this program had no module to control the repair and maintenance processes. Mr. Yeremeyev, the company's owner, decided not to add this functionality to the existing software because he found RemOnline—a complete solution for repair management.

We’ve analyzed various software solutions on the market and chosen RemOnline. Other programs often require additional modifications, like in a construction set. Instead, RemOnline is ready to use and offers customization options to fit BezProblem's business processes. Moreover, the program is multilingual and designed for bicycle repair management.

Valentyn Yeremeyev
Co-owner of BezProblem

Controlling Resource Consumption with Analytics

RemOnline provides BezProblem with critical functions to streamline bike workshop management:

Discover how RemOnline can simplify business processes in your company

BezProblem also likes built-in features to analyze business performance. Unlike Excel, generating reports and getting in-depth analytics of the entire business or any location's performance is a few clicks away in RemOnline.

Well-structured data helps the company track inventory, for instance, parts added to jobs and distribution of resources across different locations.

bike-warehouseInventory of spare parts in the bike workshop

In addition, the platform allows the managers to monitor the entire workflow of each employee.

RemOnline gives us valuable insights. We can track the performance of all the technicians throughout the day and their specific actions, which are reflected in the service reports. This allows us to determine whether their work is worth the time they charge for.

Vladyslav Komarnytsky
Co-owner of BezProblem

BezProblem’s Growth Plans

BezProblem wants to expand its range of services, relying on RemOnline in work order and project management. The company is planning to add the production of its own bicycles to its existing activities, as it is ready to assemble them from scratch. The partners also plan to increase small-scale production of bicycles for their couriers.

We wish BezProblem to achieve all the set goals and conquer new heights. RemOnline, in turn, will serve as a reliable tool in process automation.

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