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Advantages of SaaS Technologies for Small Business Accounting

SaaS technologies offer boundless opportunities for small businesses, enabling them to streamline their operations and effectively manage order tracking and employee management. The Ukrainian CRM system RemOnline is one of the leading SaaS platforms that provides integrated solutions for business process management and order tracking. With RemOnline, entrepreneurs gain the tools necessary to achieve optimal productivity and maximize the profitability of their business.

Packaged Solutions vs. Custom CRM Systems

Packaged Solutions vs. Custom CRM Systems

Packaged solutions, such as RemOnline, prove to be more efficient compared to custom CRM systems for several key reasons:

  1. Rapid implementation
    Packaged solutions come with pre-built functionality and interfaces, allowing for quick configuration and integration into business processes without the need for lengthy development and testing.
  2. Cost reduction
    Packaged solutions typically cost less, as they are already developed and optimized for mass usage. The development and maintenance costs of a custom CRM system can be higher and less efficient.
  3. Ongoing support and updates
    Developers of packaged solutions provide continuous support, bug fixes, and updates to ensure security and usability.
  4. Integrations and ecosystem
    Most packaged CRM solutions offer the ability to integrate with other popular tools and services, fostering a unified ecosystem approach to business management.

How Integrators Work: The Example of AlterEGO

How Integrators Work: The Example of AlterEGO

The company AlterEGO has significant experience in implementing CRM systems such as RemOnline. The main stages of CRM integration include:

  • Auditing the current state of processes
  • Selecting relevant tools for your business
  • Creating a technical task
  • Configuring the system (customizing the service to match your business processes, including configuring fields, analytics, forms, document templates, implementing functions for resource control, monitoring employee actions, task execution, and communication efficiency with clients, etc.)
  • Integrating the CRM system with other necessary services
  • Migrating data from another system.

We also teach the team how to use the new tools and conduct internal trainings:

  • Creating training materials (in text and/or video format)
  • Performing custom development based on individual orders, such as creating additional modules and fields
  • Providing technical support.


Ukrainian SaaS solutions for small businesses, such as RemOnline, provide small businesses with the opportunity to optimize their operations and improve management efficiency. The experience of AlterEGO in CRM system implementation confirms that packaged solutions are reliable and effective tools for modern businesses.

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