Get connected with Google Forms for automated workflow in RemOnline.

Have nice structured data for marketing and sales on the same page.

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Automatically generate Leads
in RemOnline from Google Forms

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Have all sales profiles and customer details on the same page

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Make different customizations
and edits simply and at ease

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Free up your time
from redundant manual data entry

Google Forms Integrations

Fast Lead Generation

RemOnline and Zapier supercharge your marketing potential, in line with saving a huge load of time. Generate more Leads and stay closer to your target customers using a single one-and-done solution.

Extensive Profiles & Details

Automatically send any data on Leads from Google Forms to your RemOnline. It’s only up to you to decide what intake form patterns and fields for data entry fit you best.

Automated Data Capture

Complete easy setup to have any custom fields in Google Forms automatically transferred to your RemOnline Leads, Client Records, or Order Profiles. Just as you have ever wanted.

Full Connectivity

Connecting Google Forms with RemOnline is ultra-simple and doesn’t need any coding experience. Create your own custom workflows using any business logic, the only limit is your imagination.

How To Connect Your RemOnline With Google Forms

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Create custom intake
forms in Google Forms

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Share them with
your potential customers

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Sign up for a Zapier
account to get started

import.svg (2 KB)

Select a template to integrate
Google Forms with RemOnline

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Choose custom fields in your Leads / Orders / Clients to send data

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Well done! New sales opportunities and free time to grow your business

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