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RemOnline is cloud-based management software for truck shops of all sizes

Mobile App for Mobile Truck Service Management

The RemOnline Work Orders application is a handy tool for processing jobs on smartphones and tablets:

  • Quick access to customer and job details
  • Adding photos to work orders in one click
  • Updating statuses, adding parts, accepting payments, and closing work orders via the app
  • Quick contact with clients and managers

Quick Estimating of Truck Repair Jobs

Ensure accuracy in estimating costs to prevent underestimating or overestimating the price of the job.

  • Estimates get handled like work orders but without deducting products from stock
  • When approved by a customer, you can convert an estimate to a work order in two clicks
  • Speed up getting estimate approvals with an online form (coming soon)

Repair Jobs and Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling repairs in the Work Order Scheduler allows your technicians to know what repair and PM work they’ve got upcoming throughout the day or week. They can easily manage assignments and increase overall productivity.

Any Document in Seconds

Save your team lots of time processing documents related to repair orders. In the RemOnline heavy truck repair software, you can use a default library of templates and customize them according to your auto shop repair workflow.

  • Instantly print truck repair estimates, outstanding invoices, or warranty lists from the work order window
  • Keep records of clients and payers of work orders separately to simplify settlements with corporate clients

Smart Customer Management

Whether you work with occasional walk-ins or big clients with truck fleets, creating a database for seamless customer tracking will help you better understand your target audience and, as a result, build trust and repeat business.

  • View all your service history with a particular client, their requirements, payments, and feedback about services received. You can set up discounts or special prices for regular customers to reward their loyalty.
  • Communicate with clients on their favourite platform without leaving RemOnline—chat on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp
  • Set up discounts or special prices for regular customers to reward their loyalty

RemOnline helps shop owners keep trucks moving and customers satisfied

Transparent Repair Requests Processing

With RemOnline repair shop management solution, you can speed up the assigning process of heavy truck service works and track every step of their completion:

  • Customize work order forms according to your unique workflow
  • Add parts needed to handle truck repair services to work orders, and they will be automatically written off from your stock
  • Set up status chains and enable automatic alerts to techs and clients about the status of repairs
  • Instantly see details about parts and labor costs of the work order

Truck Repair Shop Inventory Under Control

To always know what parts you currently have and where to find them, start using RemOnline’s package feature for inventory management:

  • tracking parts across different locations of your truck repair business
  • organized storage with bin locations
  • alerts to refill your stock
  • postings, transfers, and write-offs
  • product turnover reports

Track Availability of Tools and Bays Across Locations

To simplify asset management, keep records of each truck repair shop’s equipment and bays in auto repair software.

  • See all users and locations they’ve been to in the Asset history
  • Add tools and book bays for each repair order and see the overall availability of your resources
  • Schedule equipment repairs for preventive maintenance

Increase Tech Efficiency

Track technician productivity in the Employee Reports. Find out how they deal with deadlines, how many daily operations they complete, how often they sell parts, etc. Evaluate each tech’s performance and consider boosting their performance with efficiency metrics.

With RemOnline, commercial repair shops can entirely focus on caring for clients’ vehicles

Keep Your Cash Flow Positive

Easily account your sources of income and expenses in RemOnline auto shop management software so you can monitor your cash flow at any time.

  • See balances of cashboxes and payment settlements with individual clients, companies, and suppliers.
  • Effectively plan your budget with various reports on financial stats, e.g., work order and sale profit, total money over cashboxes, and locations.

Integrate RemOnline with Xero

To have books that are instantly updated, you can connect the two systems for automatic or manual sync. Truck repair invoices, products added to work orders and sales, and tax configuration will be synchronized and updated automatically.

Organize the Work of Your Heavy Truck Shop Personnel

Use the Employee Work Schedules in RemOnline to plan the working and non-working days of each team member, as well as to keep track of sick leaves, holidays, and vacations. You can configure the automatic calculation of hourly/daily/monthly salaries based on reliable labor times.

Set Up Automatic Payroll to Ensure Every Work is Paid

You can use different accrual methods based on employees’ roles and KPIs, e.g., for techs and managers, fixed or percentage-based.

Develop a flexible bonus system to reward your staff for every excellent repair and sale. And RemOnline will assist you with all the complex payroll calculations, accruals, and salary payouts.

Identify Slow- and Fast-Moving Parts

Inform your part assortment decision-making with detailed reports. Overview the big picture of your part sale and find fast- and slow-sellers to create a profitable mix.

See How Well Your Truck Repair Shop Is Performing

The Company Insights feature is especially useful for business owners of multi-location shops because it summarizes critical business metrics.

You’ll see visualized reports on work orders, average sales, labor pricing, or payments. Use this data to improve operations at the shop and increase profits.

RemOnline is your all-in-one success platform to manage every aspect of your business

Instant Access via the RemOnline Boss App

Be an effective and mobile boss with our handy app. You can look up revenue, real-time metrics on work orders, and various reports on your phone:

  • Monitor cashbox balances
  • Analyze customer reviews
  • Chat or make a quick phone call to your workers without leaving the app
  • Enable two-factor authentication to increase data protection.

Reduce Internal Security Risks

Track employee actions in RemOnline’s documents and recover deleted objects on one page of the Activity Log report.

There are 60+ events you can see in the report, e.g., deleted clients, changed statuses, and added services. Having this data at your fingertips will enable you to avoid fraud or misunderstanding in your company.

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What is truck repair shop management software?


This comprehensive software system is designed to assist truck repair shop owners in efficiently managing their operations. Shop management software solutions for the automotive industry typically include cloud-based repair orders, inventory management, scheduling and online appointment setting, invoicing and billing, customer and vehicle information management, and reporting and analytics. They aim to streamline and automate various aspects of running a business in repair industries, improving overall truck repair shop management, reducing manual errors, and enhancing customer service. With a web-based platform like RemOnline, truck repair shop owners can effectively track and manage their inventory, schedule appointments and allocate resources efficiently, generate accurate invoices, and access comprehensive reports to make informed business decisions. And because it operates in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming updates and additional software maintenance costs—every procedure needed to keep your software up-to-date will run smoothly without you being involved.

What key features does truck repair order software typically offer?


Some of the most important ones include customer and vehicle tracking, managing inventory of parts and fleet equipment, creating work orders, and generating invoices. Additionally, you can create a maintenance schedule, set up workflows for repair processes, and keep track of labor times and auto parts sales.

How does truck repair software help businesses save time and money?


There are several benefits to using a cloud-based auto repair solution:

  • Increased efficiency. With a centralized platform for managing truck repairs, you can quickly and easily create work orders, check the status of appointments, track parts and inventory, and control the work progress. This will lead to more streamlined and efficient service operations, faster repair approvals, and happy customers.
  • Improved customer service. By automating many of the manual tasks associated with customer communication, auto repairs, and fleet maintenance, you can free up your automotive technicians to focus on providing high-quality customer service. This will help you build better relationships with your customers and keep them returning for more.
  • Enhanced data tracking and analysis. With detailed data tracking and analysis, you can better understand your truck repair shop’s performance and improve your day operations and bottom line.

How does inventory management software help optimize workflow in automotive repair shops?


First, having a modern inventory software solution in your shop will help you control the necessary parts and materials available in all locations. This will reduce the time wasted waiting for parts to arrive, which can delay repairs. Second, an effective inventory system can help the shop plan work more efficiently by organizing parts and materials to make it easy to find and plan the most efficient workflow. Finally, you can track and manage stock levels so you do not order or keep more parts and materials than you need. This can help reduce inventory costs and save space.

What are the most common appointment scheduling mistakes made in truck repair businesses?


When managing appointments for truck repair or maintenance, try to avoid the following pitfalls:

  • Only requesting some of the necessary information from the customer ahead of time. This can lead to delays in getting the work done because the technician must stop and ask the customer additional questions.
  • Not taking into account the customer's availability. Some people may only be available during certain times of the day or week.
  • Not considering the time it will take to complete the repair. If the work is expected to take longer than a couple of hours, it's best to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Not allotting enough time for the customer to ask questions. They may have questions about the repair or the bill. It's essential to allow enough time for them to ask.
  • Not communicating appointment changes to the customer. If there is a change in the appointment time or date, inform the customer before the deadline.

With the appointment scheduling features in RemOnline, you can see at a glance who from your techs is available and create a work order right in the calendar. The system will also send automated appointment reminders as well as notifications of status changes to keep your customers informed.

Can I accept online payments in RemOnline?


This feature is unavailable at the moment. However, our team is currently working on streamlining payment processing for RemOnline users by integrating with Stripe. Stay tuned for future updates.

Is RemOnline suitable for auto repair shops?


Absolutely! RemOnline is a flexible and customizable solution specifically designed for repair shops of different kinds and can also meet the needs of repair shops.

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