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Recovery Of Deleted
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Activity Log in RemOnline for Better Security and Control

View All Employee Actions On One Page

It's both important to trust your employees and to care for internal data security. In the Activity Log, you can see who created, modified, or deleted a document or an object, and other actions in your account. Having this information easily accessible, you’ll be able to avoid fraud and theft as well as identify issues before they become real problems.

Filter Events By Employees And Locations

Track data in a convenient format. View events for a single employee or location and filter them by type and date. With RemOnline, you can easily find out which work orders were deleted last month, what the technicians did this week, and what happened yesterday at another location of your network.

Recover Deleted Objects in One Click

No matter how carefully you approach data security in your company, there is always some room for human error. When doing the same tasks daily, employees tend to become careless and may unintentionally delete information in your database.

In the Activity Log report, you can quickly recover deleted clients, leads, tasks, cashboxes, warehouses, products, and estimates right in the log table.

Activity Log is the multi-purpose report that will save you from guesswork

Follow the Activity Stream in Documents

View the history of all changes done in Tasks, Leads, Sales, Stocktakes, and other documents in your account to avoid fraud and make processes transparent and controllable.

Control Employee Actions From Any Location and Device

RemOnline is a cloud-based software solution that allows you to view the Activity Log and check the event feed of each document anytime, anywhere. Just log in from your PC, tablet, or smartphone and control your business from any location or on the go.

RemOnline automates routine in different business areas: 

CRM, Work Orders, Inventory, Finances, Workforce Management, Analytics

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