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Accurate reporting
on all business activities

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Your ideal solution to manage jobs,
sales, inventory, and finance

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Mobile apps
for managers and field teams

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CRM solution with direct
QuickBooks & Xero integrations

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RemOnline takes the automation challenge out of the local repair
and service shops in the boating industry

Win More Long-Time Clients with Excellent Service

Repair orders, vessel and client records, estimates, billing, inventories, and data on performance analytics are any time at your fingertips. You’ll instantly know what’s in work, how long it should take, and who is responsible.

  • Build unique workflows for repairs and maintenance services and control deadlines at each stage.
  • Maintain a database of existing and potential customers to improve your customer engagement.
  • Create custom document templates to speed up job estimating.

Process Repairs Faster and More Efficiently

Provide your team with automation tools that will simplify their daily routine.

  • Set up forms with auto-fill fields to save time on taking customer info and work order details.
  • Configure status chains that will guide your mechanics through workflow steps.
  • Track customer history, monitor deadlines, and accept payments and prepayments — all without leaving a single browser tab.

Provide Timely Maintenance of Customer Boats

Keep accurate records of vessels and equipment you’ve got for servicing, inform clients on work progress, and give your marine mechanics easy access to the data they need to do the job.

  • Monitor work performed and simplify warranty service.
  • Set up automatic messaging to customers about status updates, promotions, and discounts.

RemOnline is your reliable boat repair shop management software

Offer Profitable Services

Use built-in service lists and add your custom ones so your employees can create estimates in seconds and you can analyze what services are most popular among your clients.

  • Set different types of prices for services and goods to have a reasonable and profitable pricing policy.
  • Identify services that generate more profit in the "Work Order Report".
  • Thanks to web-based price updates, you will have up-to-date prices in all of your locations.

Control Your Inventory

RemOnline will help you streamline your warehouse processes and build a constantly moving product mix.

  • Post components, accessories, spare parts, and equipment in the software to perform all warehouse operations several times faster.
  • Set up minimum stock levels for products to restock on time.
  • Identify the parts and materials your mechanics use in repairs most often to ensure they are always in stock.

Sell Equipment and Accessories

Increase your income by selling boating-related products and keep sales records in RemOnline.

  • Synchronize online sales on marketplaces with your physical stock to increase product turnover.
  • Add accessories and additional equipment for vessels to your assortment, track their performance in the Assortment Analysis report, and get rid of unprofitable items that impackt your bottom line.

Organize Boat Storage with Ease

Ensure the safe indoor storage of boats and their components using the bin location feature. It will help your staff quickly find the exact location of each removable part in the warehouse as well as avoid confusion and errors during installation.

Help Your Team Perform Better in the Field

When going to clients’ places to repair boats, your field mechanics will benefit from job processing via the Work Order App:

  • Quick access to customer, work order, and vessel data
  • Adding photos, works, and materials to work orders, accepting payments
  • Updating statuses, leaving comments, and following the Event Feed.

data to point your business growth direction

Automate Work Time Scheduling

In the Employee Work Schedule, you can see who works and when as well as keep track of the time worked by each employee. Plan your repair crew time for months ahead in a few clicks, automate the calculation of wages for hours and days worked, and set up days off and vacations.

Eliminate Fraud and Human Error Risk

Use the Activity Log report to track your employees’ activities in RemOnline. It displays objects in the program documents that were added, modified, or deleted. This report also allows you to restore accidentally deleted objects in the system.

Use Analytics to Grow Your Business

RemOnline’s functionality for reporting is your helping hand in making good business decisions based on insightful analysis of your company’s performance.

Create an unlimited number of graphs by customers, work orders, payments, and calls on the Company Insights Report to see the full picture of your business's health.

Manage Processes and Control KPIs on Your Smartphone

In the RemOnline Boss application, you can view cashbox balances, the number of work orders, services provided during the day, and other key metrics that are crucial for efficiencies in all areas of your business.

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RemOnline is cloud-based software that you can access from any device

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RemOnline is a user-friendly solution that your mechanics will easily master

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RemOnline offers free support service
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RemOnline integrates with 200+ services to provide you with even more automation options

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