Customer Relationship Management That Supports Business Growth

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Your single database
of clients and suppliers

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Effective communication
across different channels

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Quick access to customer
data from any device

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Customer base import
and update in seconds

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Improve customer experience in your company

You Care About Your Clients. We Care About Their Data.

Create or import a customer base in RemOnline to access your client-related data anytime. Choose the fields you need when importing, merging duplicates, updating, or exporting all data to Excel automatically.

Help your employees keep client records faster with convenient client forms. Use ready-made templates with auto-fill fields to simplify the client registering procedure and save only valuable data.

Set up access to the customer base in your entire company by configuring user roles and locations.

Customer Communication As It Should Be

People like when businesses communicate transparently and on time. RemOnline’s automation tools will help you keep your clients in the loop about upcoming appointments, job status updates, promotions, and company news.

  • SMS notifications to track changes and the status of work orders.
  • Automated reminders of appointments to reduce no-shows.
  • Setting up the favorite communication channel (SMS or Email) in the client profile.
  • Delayed sending of text and email reminders to deliver messages at the right time.
  • Custom templates and message content.

With RemOnline, you are not tied to a place, time, or device you use

Instant Messaging For Instant Updates

As RemOnline integrates with WhatsApp directly, you can open chats with clients right from work orders. And to save your employees’ time on typing, use pre-configured templates and customize your message content. Shorten response time and impress clients with effective customer service communication.

Know The Past to Service Better in the Future

When building repeat business, it’s important to keep track of what your existing clients bought from you already and how satisfied they were. That’s why RemOnline offers you a feature set to view your relationships with clients from a historical perspective. In each client profile, you will find:

  • all devices or vehicles a client brought you for servicing
  • all work orders, sales, and payments
  • previous calls and SMS/Email notifications

Be Informed When Working in the Field

In the Work Orders app, your field technicians can easily check work order details before leaving for the client, so they arrive fully prepared for the job. And when being on the spot, they can update work order statuses, leave comments, and accept payments in real-time.

Ask For Customer Feedback When the Time is Right

Customer reviews are a great metric to analyze the results of all the efforts you make to satisfy your clients. You will also learn how friendly the people that work for you are and get valuable insights into your team's performance.

In RemOnline, you can collect
customer feedback through automatic notifications and schedule the sending of review requests for the time your clients are most likely to respond. For a quick analysis, generate a report with all the data needed.

Encourage Your Customers to Return

If you have a loyalty program in your company, set up a personal discount on services, labors, and materials. RemOnline automatically applies these discounts to every client’s work order, invoice, and sale.

You can also generate and distribute discount codes, and place them on plastic discount cards as barcodes. Your employees will later scan those into a work order or client search field to find the work order or client profile in no time.

Track Your Customer Journey

Log the source of every client conversion in RemOnline’s customer base. This way, you can later asses how efficient your marketing is. Generate a Client Conversion Report to discover detailed information about clients, work orders, and incomes grouped by marketing channels.

RemOnline is your automation tool to streamline processes in all business activities

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Іntuitive interface makes it a no-brainer to learn how to work
with RemOnline app
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Single database doesn't depend on the number and dislocation of business branches

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Convenient menu and configurable filters for finding the information
in a few clicks

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Configurable tables and
cards allow you to set
the list of fields for display

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Get access to your business management anytime and
anywhere with RemOnline

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Why do I need a software program to maintain a customer base?


A customer database is a valuable tool that allows businesses to know and understand their customers by collecting information about them. A CRM solution like RemOnline helps collect, organize and display customer data, and makes it easier for managers and technicians to access the right information.

Is RemOnline appointment reminder software?


It is more than that. Besides sending appointment reminders automatically, RemOnline helps service companies organize the entire database of clients, assets, service and payment history, loyalty programs, and customer feedback.

How to choose customer relationship management software?


To find the right solution, identify your company's needs and study the sales process, highlighting the important steps in customer interaction. Then determine what features you need to support and improve this process: managing customer contacts, sending notifications, analyzing marketing campaigns, or other features that may vary depending on the type of your business. Test several software options that provide the features you need to choose the best option for your shop or service center. RemOnline, for example, offers a free trial period so you can see how easy it is to manage your customer base in the cloud.

How to maintain the customer base up-to-date?


For this purpose, you should enter all the necessary data into the system regularly and request your employees to do so, check the relevance of customer data, and update it if needed. Merge duplicates of client profiles to eliminate negative impact on your employees’ performance. Keeping your database up-to-date is a continuous process, so be patient and make it a good habit.

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