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RemOnline is all-in-one tailoring software for entrepreneurs in the garment industry

Know Your Customers to Increase Loyalty

Strengthen your customer base so that even occasional passersby want to come back to your tailoring shop every time they need clothing alterations or custom sewing. 

  • Use RemOnline’s database features to collect contact information, body measurements, and preferences to offer a client-centric service.
  • View work order and payment history to understand how to make your clients happy with every new alteration.
  • Set up automatic fitting reminders and alerts when apparel products are ready so your clients feel involved in the process.

Automate Routine to Speed Up Customer Service

Simplify all order-creating steps from entry to completion. Use ready-made forms that can be easily customized to fit your tailoring business workflow. 

When creating
tailoring work orders your staff can specify:

  • Classes of garments (dress, pants, shirt)
  • Type of work (making, repairing, altering)
  • Necessary supplies
  • Deadline and client’s expectations

Manage your work orders with statuses to be sure all works are performed on time.

Work Order Management via the App

Let your team manage garment repair orders while moving around. With the Work Order App, they will have all the data and tools they need to do their job efficiently:

  • attach photos of garment defects, fittings, or references to work orders
  • view and edit added materials, services, and payments
  • leave comments, private notes, and contact customers via smartphone.

Encourage Your Employees To Deliver Better Results

Use our tailor shop management software RemOnline to effectively manage your staff so every worker feels valued.

  • Create a flexible payroll system based on your employee performance
  • Ensure your tailors have enough time for work with the Work Order Scheduler feature
  • Easily transfer work orders from one tailor to another in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Manage your team's working time in the Employee Work Schedules so you always know who is in the shop and when. Based on this data, you can also set up the automatic calculation of daily and hourly wages.

Prevent Mix-Ups, Overstocking, and Theft

RemOnline inventory system automatically debits fabrics, buttons, zippers added to a work order and displays that they are moved from stock. The availability of supplies in your warehouse will be synchronized with work orders so you’ll have a clear picture of what’s in and what’s out.

To avoid delay in your stitching and tailoring processes RemOnline will remind you of items that are running out and need to be purchased.

RemOnline is an efficient
management system for tailors, fashion designers, and everyone in the sewing business

Boost Revenue With Online Sales

If you produce your own range of clothes and accessories, you can increase the turnover of goods by connecting your RemOnline to popular e-commerce platforms through Zapier or the Custome Integration via XLS file. Your online sales will be synchronized with data from your physical warehouse so you always know the current situation.

Be Aware of All Actions Done in Your RemOnline Account

Increase the internal security in your bespoke tailoring business with the Activity Log Report. On a single page, you can overview the entire list of actions performed in different program documents so you know who did what and when. When something is deleted by mistake, you just need to click the Restore button to get back the missed data.

Analyze Key Metrics in a Convenient Format

Monitor all important data in the Company Insights report to understand what is going on with your sewing business. In the RemOnline software, you can build an unlimited number of charts and trends to combine metrics and view them from different angles. Summarize data on sales, calls, leads, work orders, and payments in a handy chart format to find useful patterns and points of growth.

Manage Your Sewing Studio via RemOnline Business Insights App

Now, you don't have to be on the spot to know what's going on with your tailoring shop. Track profits, revenue, closed work orders, and other statistics in the RemOnline Boss application. Monitor employee performance and communicate with your staff without leaving the app.

Keep Your Finances Under Control

Track expenses and revenues of your tailoring shop to predict financial flows. 

Analyze advertising campaigns by the number of work orders, customers, and the money they bring in and invest your budget only in the most effective channels. 

Generate reports on profits, stock, work orders, customers, and employees’ wages in a few clicks to keep metrics high.

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Why should I use tailor shop management software?


As your tailoring business grows, the number of work orders, customers, and materials increases, and, at the same time, keeping manual records of everything becomes impossible. But you don't have to! RemOnline, the cloud-based software for bespoke and sewing businesses, will help you easily manage:

  • work orders for garment repairing and custom clothes sewing
  • tasks for employees
  • customer database
  • inventory of apparel products, materials, fabrics, sewing accessories
  • purchases and deliveries of personalized clothes.

The tailoring software allows you to automatically calculate wages of your tailoring shop employees for the work done and notify clients when their clothes are ready. You can print labels, and generate invoices and bills directly from work orders. With RemOnline, you will achieve your business goals much faster and more efficiently.

What software features are important to manage alterations businesses?


To find the perfect software for your bespoke tailoring business you should look for the following functionality:

  • Work order management. This is a common feature of tailoring management software that consolidates all sewing jobs into a single database. In one window, you will see which repair orders are currently in progress, just created, or already overdue. If you need a specific work order, you can easily find it using filters or the smart search.
  • Customer base retention. To build repeat business, you need a good CRM module that will help you properly manage your customer base, perform customer categorization, and optimize business communication through built-in or integrated notification systems like SMS and VoIP Gateways.
  • Inventory management. In the all-in-one tailoring software, you can keep track of fabrics, sewing accessories, and other consumables you use daily in your shop. You’ll have access to all the data on postings, write-offs, and transfers in your stock. It is also useful to set up the minimum and maximum stock levels of certain items to get notified when some products run low.
  • Control over finances. Create different types of prices and discounts: for product customization materials and services. Give discounts at the company's or employees' expense and set surcharges for urgency. All these activities and payments will be easy to track on any device. The cost of work orders will be calculated automatically based on previous settings.

It would be also great to have a mobile application for business owners so that you can monitor the important KPIs on your smartphone. In RemOnline, there is a handy app RemOnline Boss that you can use without any extra fee.

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