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RemOnline is cloud-based business management software
for small and mid-sized companies that operate in the building materials industry

Cut Your Inventory Costs

Post products, set prices, and monitor each item's expiration date and location. Building materials inventory software helps you automate your warehouse operations to manage goods efficiently:

  • Quick access to product details
  • Serial accounting of products
  • Control of stock levels
  • Four methods of stocktaking to prevent shortages and oversupply
  • Accurate storage with bin locations

Increase Profit from Selling Building Materials

With advanced inventory management, you will speed up your company's work order processing and selling process. Keep warehouse records in building materials sales software to build a profitable and moving stock:

  • Various price type setups and automatic margin calculation
  • The markdown of construction supplies with a limited shelf life
  • Barcoding and supply control
  • Visibility of quick- and slow-sellers in the Assortment Analysis report

Boost Your Building Materials Business Capabilities

Selling building materials requires additional work, such as packaging, transportation, cutting, or delivery. Use pre-installed service directories to add them to work orders and create reasonable estimates:

  • Automatic cost calculation of materials and services
  • Route sheets for delivery employees
  • Reporting on service demand

Let Your Employees Work Flexibly

Your team can process work orders on mobile devices while moving around the store. With the Work Orders App’s scanner feature, they will instantly add products and services to work orders by scanning their barcodes via the application.

Offer excellent customer experience and sell more

Build Customer Loyalty

RemOnline helps you maintain an up-to-date customer database and work effectively with customers at all stages of your sales funnel:

  • See what marketing campaigns attract the most leads
  • Integrate VoIP and SMS gateways to automate communication
  • Track customer interactions and configure individual discounts
  • Set up automatic notifications about promotions and work order updates

Sell Products Online

Combine offline and online sales to increase your profit. In RemOnline, you can do both:

  • Leads and sales from different channels in a single database
  • Synchronization of online and physical stock
  • Integration with popular marketplaces via Zapier

Motivate Your Teams to Deliver Better Results

See who sells more products, identify underperformers, and create an effective system of incentives with RemOnline:

Simplify Financial Accounting

Conduct financial transactions in building material shop software to automatically summarize all essential metrics and get them in a convenient format:

  • Cashflow report with a breakdown by income and expense items
  • Mutual settlements with suppliers and clients
  • Automatic computation of sales tax
  • Reports on cashboxes, profits, and salaries of employees in a few clicks
  • Integration with Xero accounting software

Be a Mobile Business Owner

Stay in touch with employees while being on the move and monitor KPIs from anywhere. Just install the RemOnline Boss app on your smartphone and empower your management skills with the following features:

  • Live overview of sales, created and closed work orders
  • Control of the cashbox balances
  • Real-time metrics and summaries for any period
  • Quick communication with employees
  • Customer reviews
  • More security with two-factor authentication

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What is building material management software?


Building materials management software is a type of software that is specifically designed to help companies in the construction industry manage and track their inventory of building materials. This software allows users to easily keep track of the materials they have on hand, monitor their usage, and streamline the procurement process. It typically includes outstanding features such as inventory tracking, purchase order management, building materials suppliers management, customer relationship management, and reporting capabilities. Software for building material shops can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in managing construction projects, ensuring that suitable materials are available and reducing waste and labor costs.

How can I track building materials effectively?


The most effective way to keep track of building materials is through technology and proper inventory management.

  • Implement a digital tracking system, such as a barcode or RFID technology.
  • Use centralized building materials inventory software RemOnline to instantly see the availability of materials for better planning and ordering processes.
  • Perform regular audits and inspections to ensure accurate tracking and identify discrepancies.

By implementing these strategies, you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in tracking building materials.

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