Streamline Business Processes to Organize Successful Events

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Event planning tools with deadline control and automatic notifications

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Mobile applications for event planners and business owners

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Advanced features for equipment rental & event inventory management

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Automatic payroll calculation
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RemOnline is cloud-based event planning software for small and mid-sized businesses

Improve Your Event Planner’s Productivity

Empower your team with an event management tool that allows them to process jobs in the field with a few taps on smartphones. In the RemOnline Work Orders, your employees can check event details, add venue photos, upload guest lists, accept prepayments, leave comments for colleagues, and private notes for themselves. It is also convenient to edit jobs and update their statuses on the go.

Convert Leads into Loyal Customers

RemOnline offers key features for successful lead management in your company:

  • A single database of all service requests you receive from different sources (created manually or automatically from a call or a website form)
  • Customizable forms and status chains to suit your workflow and build an effective sales funnel
  • Insightful reporting on lead conversion results
  • Various filtering options and badges for convenient search and grouping

Manage Event Planning and Operation Effectively

Without event planning software, you can easily get lost in dozens of event planning processes which you and your employees need to follow daily. Use RemOnline to streamline your operations and deliver the best service:

  • Ensure timely services through deadline control and status updating rules.
  • Develop individual status chains for handling conferences, catering services, online and in-personevents.
  • Analyze the profitability of different services in the Work Order Report.

Plan Your Workload and Appointments In a Few Clicks

Depending on the type of event, you may need to schedule internal meet-ups with your employees, appointments with vendor teams, deliveries, or the time a particular piece of equipment is in use.  A convenient calendar format of the Work Order Scheduler with a breakdown by days and weeks will help you find free slots quickly and easily.

  • Creating jobs directly in the Scheduler
  • Tracking event organizer' and resources’ workload
  • Linking with the Employee Work Schedules for automatic calculation of hourly and daily wages
  • Notifications and reminders via SMS or Email

RemOnline helps you ensure your
events run smoothly every time

Set Tasks For Employees and Control Their Completion

In the built-in task manager, you can set personal or group tasks for employees, monitor their deadlines, add assignable users and enable automatic alerts about changes and progress.

Analyze Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

Clients return when satisfied with the event's organization. Collect their feedback after the event to identify and fix service issues on time.

  • Send review requests to your clients at a scheduled time automatically.
  • Customize notification templates for different messages.
  • View your company ratings on a single report page or in the RemOnline Boss application.
  • Track customer feedback on a 5-point scale, NPS, or binary system and customize a response depending on the client's score (in development). 

Ensure Your Event Inventory is Handeled Well

In RemOnline, you can create digital warehouses for consumables and equipment to track every item.

  • Post in products and write them off from warehouses to work orders
  • Organize the equipment rental
  • Conduct regular stocktaking

With RemOnline, you can implement
plans with less admin time and effort

Generate Documents in Seconds

Create as many templates as needed, add your logo and another branding to maintain a consistent corporate style in every document.

  • Autofill fields to save time on data entry
  • Batch invoice feature 
  • Automatic document printing upon creating and closing work orders

Achieve Financial Well-Being Without Manual Processes

Successful event organization is only possible with transparent financial accounting. Just enter expenses and income into the system to instantly generate financial reports for any period. Maintain mutual settlements with suppliers and customers in RemOnline to control debts and plan budgets. Connect your account to Xero to instantly synchronize accounting data.

Use Automation Features For Error-Free Payroll

You can set automatic calculations of different types of wages, commissions, and coefficient payments in RemOnline. At the end of the month, you simply need to open a payroll report to see how much you have to pay each employee.

Improve Internal Security

Protect your company’s data from misuse by setting up individual access to program modules for each team member so that they see only the information they need to do the job.

  • Allowed actions in warehouses and cashboxes
  • User roles and advanced access settings
  • Activity Log Report
  • 2FA via the Business Insights app

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Self-serving Help Center, video tutorials, and dedicated Customer Support via chat and phone

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Regular updates
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200+ integrations with popular business tools via Zapier

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What is an event management platform?


Using modern software tools, event management solutions allow professionals to manage different aspects of planning events like anniversaries, parties, enterprise-level conferences, or catering deliveries. Thanks to such programs, you can automate workflows, scheduling, tasks, accounting, inventory management, and payroll. Other possibilities include:

  • Customer and lead management
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Deadline control with statuses and their time limit
  • Resource workload monitoring
  • Profitability analysis and reporting on KPIs

If you are looking for such a solution to digitalize your daily routine, try RemOnline. This is cloud-based software designed for small and medium service businesses. It covers all essential business needs and provides a wide range of customization options.

What additional features should I look for when choosing event management software?


As your event business grows, you will need to hire more people. Some will be a part of your team, and some will work part-time or project-based. This means that your payroll processes will become more complicated and time-consuming. If done manually, the risk of human error increases, so you won’t be able to deliver a perfect paycheck for your employees. That is why automatic payroll calculation and reports are functionalities you should look for in business management software.

Another vital feature set is asset management. To organize your events, you need to keep track of all sorts of equipment and decorations that your company owns or rents. E.g., in RemOnline, you can create digital warehouses, especially for assets, assign owners, and track their transfer and usage history. This way, you always know where your assets are and who uses them.

Does your event planning software have a mobile app?


RemOnline users can download a free mobile application for work order management. It allows en-route employees to create, process, and complete jobs on the go. They can also add services and materials, attach photos, accept prepayments, and get in touch with clients and colleagues via the app.

For owners and executives, RemOnline offers the Boss app. You can track all crucial KPIs for the day or any other period, contact employees, analyze company ratings, and secure your account with 2FA. This application is also free for all subscribers.

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