Faster Job Completion Times And More Loyal Clients

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Automation tools for the job, inventory, and client management

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Mobile apps
for field teams and managers

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Handyman scheduling in CRM

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Estimating and invoicing
from work orders

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RemOnline is a tool designed to help handymen and contractors do more in less time

Build Strong Client Relationships

Maintain a unified client database in RemOnline to have all the client-related information structured and accessible from any device.

  • History of client communication and provided household tasks and repairs in one place.
  • Collecting leads from various sources like online requests or calls to schedule appointments in one CRM.
  • Status sequences that help you convert leads into loyal clients.
  • Merging of duplicates, various filtering options, and bulk action to keep data clean and up-to-date.
  • Flexible forms with custom fields to collect the data you need.

Improve Your Field Staff’s Efficiency with a Handyman Mobile App

The RemOnline Work Orders is a mobile application for professional handymen with a range of features for efficient work order processing in the field. With just a few taps on their smartphones, users can:

  • access job and client details
  • set and complete tasks
  • update statuses, process, and close work orders in real-time 
  • add photos, files, comments, and notes
  • accept prepayments and payments

Handyman Resource Planner and Scheduling Software

The Work Order Scheduler allows you to schedule and track jobs, assign them to team members, and automate communication with clients and employees. It is also linked with the Employee Work Schedules and the warehouses of company assets. This integration option provides a recourses availability overview to distribute workload evenly among your employees and handyman offices.

  • Set up maintenance time for equipment and vehicles.
  • Individual job schedules for employees.
  • Automatic notifications to remind of upcoming appointments.

Automation Features to Save Time on Paperwork

Use work order management tools to complete small repairs and maintenance jobs quickly and with proper record-keeping.

  • Create various work order types according to your internal workflows and processes.
  • Control employee effectiveness at each stage of job processing.
  • Quickly search work orders by specific fields or barcodes.
  • Add services from preset directories and lists to see the final amount calculated automatically.
  • Speed up data collection with auto-filling options.

RemOnline helps you streamline field service management processes in your handyman company

Professional-Looking Invoices For Handyman Services

Customize estimation and invoicing templates with your company branding elements, add or remove document fields, and configure the automatic filling of data in the handyman invoice software. You will invoice a job in seconds, keeping your documents consistent and accurate.

Motivate Employees to Stay Productive

Error-free paychecks and a transparent incentive system are good reasons to stay loyal to your company. In RemOnline, you can set up base salaries, commissions, bonuses, and penalties and automate their calculation. Accrue the calculated amount to each employee’s balance, and pay salaries without leaving your CRM system.

Spend Less Time on Bookkeeping

Track all financial transfers, cash and cashless operations, payments, debts, credits, and their settlements in RemOnline:

  • different types of virtual cashboxes
  • seamless cash flow accounting
  • direct integration with Xero

Organize Handyman Tools and Materials

Keep records of your inventory in RemOnline to control the usage of consumables, equipment, and other company assets in work orders:

  • individual warehouses for different types of inventory
  • trackable transfer history in the product profiles
  • 4 stocktaking methods

Performance Analytics and Business Growth Features

Quickly get valuable insights into your company’s performance, such as the number of jobs completed, revenue generated, and customer feedback.

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Data encryption
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Dedicated Customer Support
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What are the benefits of handyman software?


Handyman business software provides several benefits for both the handyman and their clients. Firstly, it helps with scheduling and organizing jobs, ensuring no appointments are missed, and all tasks are completed efficiently. Handymen can also manage their day-to-day schedules, assign tasks to their team members, track inventory levels, and communicate with clients. Additionally, handyman software often includes invoicing and credit card processing capabilities, streamlining the payment process for both parties. Overall, this solution increases productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and ultimately leads to a more prosperous and profitable handyman business.

Does RemOnline integrate with credit card processing software?


Not at the moment, but we are working on direct integration with Stripe. You can see the progress on the home page and read news in the RemOnline blog.

Is RemOnline handyman invoice software?


Sure. RemOnline is designed to help handymen and contractors create and manage service estimates and invoices. It allows them to quickly create professional-looking documents, track payments, and manage their finances. As a business owner, you can keep track of your clients and their work history to provide better customer service and build strong relationships with them. RemOnline also includes essential features such as scheduling, inventory management, and employee management tools to help handymen streamline operations and improve efficiency.

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