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Scalable Success With Business Processes Management Solution

Find out how BPM software can help you keep your business running smoothly and remain competitive

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What Are Business Processes and Why Do You Need to Manage Them Efficiently?
Powerful Features of Business Process Management Systems
Is RemOnline BPM Software?
Final Thoughts

One important tactic for keeping your business open is to have a reliable system for handling daily tasks. This also includes providing your employees with clear documentation on doing things according to your quality standards as well as structured information on projects and customers. And don’t forget that such a system should be accessible from any device and secured from internal and external threats. If this is what you are considering implementing in your company, continue reading this article to learn more about BPM software — its functions, benefits, and use cases.

What Are Business Processes and Why Do You Need to Manage Them Efficiently?

Processes in small organizations refer to steps or tasks to be performed to achieve a certain business goal. They are categorized into five groups according to the business area they coordinate — work order processing, workforce management, marketing and sales, finances, and business development. To keep all company activities manageable, there are proven systems you can employ — business process management software. Whether there are several departments, sub-departments, or just a small team in your business, by implementing this software you will save time, make it easier to manage the workload, and increase profitability.

In your business strategy and goal setting, pay attention to automating laborious works, categorizing and prioritizing work orders, distributing resources, and creating effective workflows. This way, you will be able to optimize operations and increase the value of your services. Read further to see how up-to-date technology can help you overcome these challenges and achieve the goals you set for your business.

Powerful Features of Business Process Management Systems

When organizing business processes, it is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with recurring actions that your employees have to repeat during the course of a work order, sale, or campaign. The problem with these repetitive tasks is that they easily become boring for those who do them every day. As a result, people start paying less attention to them which opens room for human errors. Unlike individual tasks that inspire your employees to use their creativity, the tedious admin routine discourages them day by day. That is why businesses are looking for ways to automate as many processes as possible to let the technology do all the boring work for them.

When you decide to start automating routines in your company, the advanced features of business process management tools will be your helping hand. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones and why they are so important.

Workflow Automation

This is not only a buzzword you hear anywhere but an approach to organizing work-related activities in a company. Here are 3 things to consider when automating:

  1. What to automate. Before you start it is important to analyze all processes you perform to make your business run smoothly and then divide them into two categories: what you can automate and what you can’t. Next, work with the first group and describe all steps involved in each process. This way, you will get the comprehensive process documentation needed for the next steps.
  2. The rules to follow. Each business is different and so are the requirements and quality standards. You have to define clearly how each process will be performed and what rules to follow to get from one step to another.
  3. Resources needed. It is important to have a clear understanding of what data or documents are required for each workflow, who is responsible for each step, whose approvals should be requested, and what tools will be used.

When choosing a business process management solution, look for the possibility to build custom workflows with status chains. You should be able to create templates for documents like invoices as well as automated responses or alerts to customers and employees.

Customer Relationship Management

With CRM tools, businesses can build a strong connection with their potential and existing customers to understand their needs. All this is due to centralized data storage and systematization. Of course, you can store data in spreadsheets, messengers, notebooks, and even in your own memory but this is an inefficient and old-fashioned way to run your business. Just think of how much time your employees will spend searching for customer device details in a spreadsheet of 1,000 rows. How many minutes will it take to call a colleague to clarify the details of a work order? And how many important details can be missed, customers lost, and poor quality work done if that information just can't be found... Without a single source of qualified data, your team will spend more time searching for it instead of using it. A CRM system automatically records all the data on your server or in the cloud which makes it easier to find, store and keep track of it, and thus improve your customer experience.

In a nutshell, a CRM system should handle the following tasks: 

  • Managing customer data, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Viewing customer transactions, feedback, and complaints
  • Tracking customer interactions and opportunities over time.

Business Activity Monitoring

To analyze your business outcomes it is necessary to have enough data on KPIs and the dynamics of their change over time. With an all-in-one business management system in place, you will be able to quickly access your company’s real-time metrics from any location and device as well as generate reports on sales, marketing, cash flow, employee performance, inventory, etc.

Is RemOnline BPM Software?

Yes, it is. RemOnline is a cloud-based platform that will help you automate workflows and streamline your work order management providing a central location to organize and access your work orders and customer information. The program simplifies data exchange and document flow within the company, helps control the work order deadlines, automatically displays the cost of work orders, simplifies reporting, payroll calculation, and much more. With RemOnline, your employees will be focused on core business processes and perform daily tasks efficiently without being distracted by routine. And you will have the data and key performance indicators to inform your decision-making. Use these powerful features to improve your business process management:

Status chains.
Work order statuses in RemOnline aim to build streamlined processes for your business. Just give each type of work order or lead its initial status and think through the rules for changing it at each stage of processing. This enables you to set up business logic according to your quality standards and recourses. With status transfer rules, you can build different chains for processing work orders and leads. For example, you will have separate stages and work order statuses for fieldwork that will not overlap with those for standard work order processing.

Status time limits
. Each status in RemOnline has deadline settings. When the limit is exceeded, you’ll see such a work order in a separate badge on the Work Order Overview page. This option will help you to avoid delays and increase your customer loyalty. 

Form Builder
. To save time on data entry you can configure various customizable forms with the Forms Editor feature in RemOnline. Each form is a set of fields you fill when creating a new work order, lead, product, asset, and client. The setup is flexible so you can display and hide fields, create custom ones, make them required, and set default field values. It is also possible to disable editing fields after creating a product or asset, bind directories to the form fields, as well as display fields in the tables, printed documents, and notifications.

Custom pricing
. If you want to analyze the demand and revenue from the products sold, you should use the Assortment Analysis report. This report will allow you to adjust your pricing, create a more profitable product mix, and reveal patterns of growth or decline in sales. It will show you how much profit you make with a particular group of products and who from your employees sell more goods and give more discounts.

20+ types of reports.
With RemOnline’s real-time reporting on the main areas of the company's activity, you will be aware of all the important statistics on work orders, lead converting, sales, stock, payroll, and finances.

Company Insights.
This insightful report will provide you with a clear picture of your business health as well as show trends in sales and profits that you can use for building your future business growth strategy.

Daily tasks
. To monitor the productivity of your employees and delegate various work processes use the Task Manager in RemOnline. Here, you can create tasks for several performers at once or by work orders and customers individually. It is also easy to control the deadlines and keep everyone informed about changes and progress thanks to the automatic notifications.

Final Thoughts

For most businesses, the best way to manage processes is by using automation features of BPM software. Thanks to modern technology you can configure different workflows for processing work orders and leads, thereby eliminating the human error risk. This will also help your employees, especially the new ones, get used to how work orders are processed in your company as they will immediately see the workflow that they need to follow when working with work orders or leads. If you want to see the full benefit of automation, build your business processes in RemOnline so that your entire company runs like clockwork. And our RemOnline team will help you to achieve this goal!

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