Meet Customer Demand and Decrease Costs of Holding Inventory

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RemOnline is user-friendly business management software for cosmetics companies

Manage Sales of Beauty Products at all Stages

Save time on routine calculations while keeping track of every detail:

  • Sales are linked with leads and customer profiles so you can track who buys what and how often
  • When selling, your employees can specify what sales channel brought you a particular customer
  • When providing customer loyalty discounts, your estimated profit is calculated in real-time. This way, you can dynamically adjust the sum of discounts and prevent selling at a loss
  • For sales history records and inventory control, products are written off from your digital warehouses automatically.

Get More Control Over Your Stock

With RemOnline’s inventory management tools, you will easily streamline warehouse operations and, as a result, improve customer experience, prevent fraud, make your stock well-organized, and reduce storage costs:

  • Labels and barcodes of product units
  • 4 ways to conduct a stocktake
  • Convenient grouping of goods in a wide range of cosmetic products
  • Bin locations for more precise storage on the shelf
  • Advanced settings of user access to warehouse data

Identify Popular Products

Keeping inventory records in RemOnline will allow you to analyze the market and build an attractive assortment:

  • Explore best-selling items of your store in the Assortment Analysis report
  • Set up inventory levels to have customers’ favorites always in stock
  • See the profit your company made by selling particular products or categories

Improve Your Customer Service

Automate shopping and ordering processes with RemOnline to avoid mistakes and speed up product delivery to customers:

RemOnline helps you manage in-store and online sales with ease

Online Sales of Personal Care & Cosmetics Products

RemOnline lets you synchronize your stock in an online store or marketplace with a physical warehouse in real-time.

  • Integration with Amazon/Shopify via Zapier
  • A single database of orders and leads from different channels
  • Sync of stock levels from the RemOnline warehouse to any online store that supports importing products via an XLS or CSV file upload.

Organize the Production of Cosmetic Products

Build effective manufacturing processes in RemOnline — from raw materials to finished products. Create workflows for your team with status chains, deadlines, quality control, and notifications, and follow the progress in the Event Feed.

  • Automatic calculation of the cost of materials
  • Adding items to work orders from warehouses
  • Efficient cosmetics supply chain

Motivate Your Sales Reps to Do More and Better

Create an incentive system for employees of your company and automate all calculations in RemOnline. This will make your payroll computing transparent and increase employee trust:

  • Individual calculation of wages taking into account experience and the number of sales
  • Commissions for selling goods of a specific category
  • Automated payroll calculation, accrual, and payout to employee balances
  • Insightful reporting on employee productivity

Sell more with less admin effort

Manage Finances Stress-Free

Forget about complicated calculations, manual data input, or switching between different systems. Control your cash flow in RemOnline to plan your budget, avoid cash gaps, and improve cost saving

  • Integrations with Xero accounting software
  • Mutual settlements with suppliers and customers
  • Analysis of profit from sales and average inventory
  • Automatic computing of tax rates for products you sell

Analyze the Performance of Your Cosmetic Business

View your company’s KPIs in the Company Insights Report to assess how well your business is doing and what you should improve.

  • Dynamics of growth and decline in the number of sales, average sale, and discounts
  • Segmentation by managers, stores, marketing campaigns, periods, and types of customers
  • Visualized format of graphs and trends that you can customize to your liking

Manage Your Cosmetic Business on Smartphone

With the RemOnline Boss app, you can control what is going on in your company from anywhere:

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What is cosmetics inventory software?


This specialized software application is designed to help businesses in the cosmetic industry effectively manage and track their inventory. It allows companies to monitor and control the flow of their cosmetic products, from raw materials to finished goods. This software typically includes features such as inventory tracking, order management, sales forecasting, and reporting. It helps streamline and automate retail operations, ensuring that businesses have accurate and up-to-date stock level information and preventing overstocking or stockouts. Overall, cosmetics inventory software helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction in the cosmetic distribution industry.

Do cosmetics companies need automation?


Cosmetics operation and process automation are critical to the success of any business, especially in the cosmetics industry, where competition is rising. Without automation, inventory and customer requirements data will be lost in documents, goods will disappear from stock, and employees will spend more time on routine tasks than on their jobs and customers. That is why digitalizing your beauty business is a must to remain competitive these days. You can try out how automation tools work for you right now by signing up for RemOnline. After you create your account, you will have 7 days to use all features for free.

Is full automation of cosmetic businesses possible within one solution?


Yes, it’s possible. Look for cloud-based business management software that offers customer and sale management, inventory, financial accounting, and real-time analytics. RemOnline opens a wide range of automation tools for businesses in the beauty industry and integrates with 200+ additional services and platforms.

What are the key features of cosmetics inventory software?


There are several crucial functions that a system for a cosmetics business should have:

  • Warehouse inventory accounting and assortment analysis
  • Conducting sales and accepting payments
  • Automatic printing of documents: invoices, bills, labels, etc.
  • Payroll computing (salaries, commissions, bonuses, and penalties)
  • Sales analytics and reporting

All these and many other functions are available in RemOnline. You can try them for free by signing up for a 7-day trial.

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