Get connected with Google Contacts for automated workflow in RemOnline

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Streamline the way you manage
contacts in your CRM,
thanks to seamless integration
with Google Contacts

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Forget about manually creating
new customer profiles
and organizing them in RemOnline
using Zapier integration

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Automatically pass along
all the necessary contact
information to customer profiles
in your CRM and have them updated

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Automatically keep each
and every client profile
and customer details up-to-date
with no extra effort on your part

Google Contacts Integrations

Create New Profiles

Automatically add a new entry in RemOnline clients when creating a new contact profile in your Google Contacts or updating details in the existing one.

Stay Up-to-date

Forget about juggling between your Google Contacts and CRM. Use Zapier integrations to automate your work and instantly save contact details as a new client profile in RemOnline.

Customize Data

Don’t leave a single detail behind. Set up Zapier integrations, choose custom fields in your RemOnline client profiles, and get all data from Google Contacts automatically saved in your CRM.

How To Connect Your Google Contacts With RemOnline

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Select a Google account
you want to connect

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Sign up for a Zapier
account to get started

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Choose custom fields in your Google Contacts to send data from

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Choose custom fields in RemOnline clients for receiving data

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Done! Now new customer profiles
are being created automatically

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