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Client registration
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Fieldwork planning

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Swift and convenient
order management

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Features you receive with Order Scheduler

Register your client orders in advance in your CRM system

With Order Scheduler, you can register your client orders days and even weeks in advance. This way, you balance your employee and workshop workloads and ensure the stable order flow. Order Scheduler exposes a convenient calendar interface, so you can check the orders for a specific date.

What is more essential, Order Scheduler allows you to set an exact date of fieldwork right during the call. With RemOnline, there are no errors and additional calls.

Create orders right in the RemOnline Scheduler

RemOnline values your time and strives to provide the most efficient and time-saving ways to do your business. You can create a work order by clicking on your employee's timeline. You'll see the order form with information – contractor name and order date – already filled in. Save your time with RemOnline Scheduler.

Enter order time and duration

RemOnline registers not only the order time but also its duration. This addresses the issue of fieldworks, which take time for the contractor to get to the client and back. RemOnline allows you to put up better working plans and manage the employee workload more efficiently.

Plan Appointments Based on Employee Work Schedules

Working and non-working days, sick leaves, and vacations of your employees are displayed in the Work Order Scheduler. This will help you quickly schedule appointments at the right time for customers, taking into account the working time of each technician.

Find the free contractor for the client order at the desired time

RemOnline simplifies the process of assigning the free employee for the time the client requests. At the same time, if the client needs a specific contractor to perform the work, you can see the timeline and the workload of the selected employee. This way, arranging a client order is always  a matter of a few clicks.

Advantages of RemOnline Client Management System

1. RemOnline exposes an intuitive user interface and is ready for work right after the registration.

2. The software product offers countless built-in directories, templates and forms you can configure for your business needs.

3. RemOnline is a cloud service accessible from any device, whether tablet, smartphone, or PC.

4. RemOnline integrates with numerous external services: SMS gateways, messengers, VoIP services and "Status order" widget.

5. Tag editing for payment search and client segmentation is convenient and straightforward with RemOnline.

6. We continually update our software product and provide highly-qualified customer support for you and your business.

7. RemOnline offers a sustainable software performance, so you can access your business management service anywhere and anytime.

8. We respect your privacy and care about your data security and integrity. This is why we back up your sensitive data daily.

9. Rich toolset for your business processes automation: Order management, Client and supplier database, management, full-featured inventory management, payroll calculation, finance management, and many others.

RemOnline is a versatile solution for businesses in the services industry. We offer an extensive toolset for automating your business processes, sales and inventory accounting, improve the quality of your services. Having all these performance metrics under control leads to a substantial revenue increase, which is proven by our each and every customer.

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